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This page provides information on Getting Started using the Ask LibreOffice site.

What is the purpose of the site?

The site serves as a collaborative platform on which LibreOffice users, volunteers, developers, and other community members can come together to ask and answer questions about LibreOffice, TDF, and related matters.

Is My Question Appropriate For The Ask Site?

It's hard to provide a perfect rule, but here are some general guidelines (and also there are good Guidelines for asking):


  • Examples:
    • "How can I print pages 4-up, folio-style, so the page numbers come out properly?"
    • "How can I convert all of my Word documents to ODT format?"

Tip: Please search the site before asking a Question. It's possible that someone else has already asked the same Question!

Key Detail

Please ensure the Detail field in each question indicates:

  • Operating system of the computer e.g., Ubuntu 14.04, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0, Windows 8.1, macOS 10.9.
  • Version of LibreOffice being used e.g., v4.2.6.3, v4.3.1.2.
  • File format being used e.g., ODT, DOC, DOCX, etc.

These three aspects are often key in determining an effective answer. Questions without these items may be left unaswered until the required information is provided. For questions containing network or printing aspects it can be necessary to indicate further detail such as storage/printing device make and model, network protocol, method of access, device driver provider and version, etc.

Not Appropriate:

Lengthy Question

There are two main fields that are important when entering a question: Question and Details. The Question field should contain a succint summary of what is being asked while the Details field should expand upon this in greater detail. Avoid placing all the content in the Question field e.g.,

  • "In Calc, when I cut a row and insert somewhere else the rows are left blank where I cut from (i hate that) AND the formulas don't transfer correctly. Formulas in both the row I cut and in rows I haven't cut get rearranged incorporating other cells."

Instead, place a short single sentence summary in the Question field:

  • "How can I cut rows in Calc and have these rows automatically deleted?"

The remaining content can then be placed in the Details field to clarify items or actions being referred to.

Feature Requests


  • What qualifies as a bug?
    • Program crashes
    • Loss of functionality from a previous version of LibreOffice
    • Performance issues (slow loading/processing; jitter; operations that take longer than in a previous version of LibreOffice)
      • During submission, the Keyword "perf" should be added.
    • Unexpected behavior (note: This one can be subjective)

Private Information

How do I attach a file to my question/answer? Uploads

In the toolbar to the text editing area, there is a paperclip icon: click on it to initiate the upload dialog.

Note that the only allowed file types are '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.gif', '.bmp', '.png', '.tiff', '.odt', '.ods', '.odp', '.odg', '.odc', '.odf', '.odi', '.odm', '.ott', '.ots', '.otp', '.otg', '.odb', '.doc', '.docx', '.xls', '.xlsx', '.ppt', '.pptx'. At present, to upload other file type document ('.pdf', '.zip', etc.), change the filename to one of the allowed types, and add this information in the question/answer text.

How do I add to/clarify the question?

Edit the original question to add something to it. Do not use Answers for that. Answers are expected to provide help in resolving the original questions.

Notification icon

202005 LOENHB Notification icon EN.png

You will see the notification icon when one of the participants is involved in a question or answer. Also it appears when someone uses your user name (writing @User Name) in some answer/comment.

 Attention! The entry or change of comments (in threads that you haven't participated in) is not reported (no notification icon).

So if you are a questioner yourself, check at certain intervals, whether an important comment on your question may have been entered.

How do I mark an Answer as correct?

Read the Answer to this question.

How can I vote on existing answers or replies? Voting

Use the up / down arrows to vote for questions or answers. Voting is only available once the required amount of karma is reached. This is however a very important tool as it helps to identify questions and answers that other people agree/disagree with as well as sort answers in terms of what is considered most appropriate by site members. Each registered user is allocated 30 votes per day to use at their discretion so please make use of this feature.

Only one vote (up or down) is allowed per question or answer. For example, if a question has three answers you are allowed to vote once for the question, and once for each answer. If at a later point in time a new answer is provided, that too can be voted on. Questions and answers that you have already voted on are marked with a green up arrow (upvote) or red down arrow (downvote). A vote can be revoked within a certain (relatively short) period of time, mainly to allow erroneous voting to be corrected. After this period of time an older vote can no longer be revoked.