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Menu ″Format>Watermark...″
Dialog box ″Watermark″


The video "Inserting a watermark" links to this page, which contains further informations.

This video shows how to insert a watermark in Writer.

This description refers to LibreOffice 6.2.

See also description and video for Ein_Wasserzeichen_einfuegen LO-Version 5.2 [DE].

Link to the video

Link to the video (in German [DE]):Ein Wasserzeichen einfügen in Writer - LibreOffice 6.2.

Insert watermark

Whether secret files, confidential or just a text draft, there is often the desire to mark documents accordingly with a watermark.

With LibreOffice, digital watermarks can be created as text on the computer.

On the genesis of watermarks⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg.

Insert text as a watermark

We open Writer.

In the menu we choose Format ▸ Watermarks ....

The dialog box "Watermark" appears.

In the field for the text we write "CONFIDENTIAL".

In the field "Font" we select the font "GOOD TIMES".

The other specifications for "Angle = 45 °", "Transparency = 50%" and "Color = # C0C0C0" can be retained or changed as desired.

We click on OK.

Sample page with text "VERTRAULICH" [DE] = ("CONFIDENTIAL").

The word "CONFIDENTIAL" is then also displayed on all subsequent pages.

Possible texts as watermarks

Instead of the above-mentioned text CONFIDENTIAL any other text and any other font can be used.

Here are some common examples:

  • Example
  • Draft
  • Secret
  • Copy
  • Do not copy
  • Not public
  • Original
  • Private
  • Top secret
  • Confidential