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The video "Creating a table in Writer - LibreOffice 6" links to this page here, which contains further information.

This description refers to the version LibreOffice 6.

Link to the Video

Link to the Video (in German [DE]): Eine Tabelle erstellen in Writer - LibreOffice 6

Create a table in Writer

The video shows two ways to create or insert a table in Writer.

One is to use the table function directly in Writer and the other is to link to a Calc table.

Simple table in Writer

Toolbar: Table

We open Writer.

We press Return once.

We now insert a table.

In the menu we select Table ▸ Insert Table....

In the "Insert table" dialog box we enter = '6 for "Columns".

For "Rows" we enter = 25.

We click on Insert.

The table has now been inserted.

With right mouse click in the table, we select "Table Properties".

We click on the tab "Columns".

We adjust the column widths as follows:
Column 1 = 6,00 cm | Column 2 = 2,60 cm | Column 3 = 1,20 cm | Column 4 = 1,20 cm | Column 5 = 3,00 cm | Column 6 = 3,00 cm

We click on OK.

As soon as the cursor is positioned in the table or the table is selected, the "Table" toolbar is automatically activated.

We mark the table with the "Table" symbol 201803 LO HB Symbol Tabelle.png and select Font = Dosis and font size = 10.

Now we enter in the top line on the left: "Delivery note".

In the fifth column the word "Date:"

And in the sixth column, the actual date.

We select the line and choose font size = 15.

In the third line on the left we start with the headlines.

"Article" | "Order no." | "Size" | "Quantity" | "Value of goods EURO" | "Final price EURO"

We mark line 3 and select "Align centered".

Starting in line 4, we mark columns 2, 3 and 4 and select "Align centered".

From row 4 we also mark columns 5 and 6 and select "Align right".

Immediately afterwards we click on the "Number format" symbol 201803 LO HB Symbol Zahlenformat.png.

In the dialog box "Format number" that opens, we select the "Decimal number" entry under "Category" and under "Options" we select "'2" Decimal places.

We click on OK.

The formatting in the cells of the tables, can be done as you wish.

Get creative with your own tables.

The table has now been further formatted and then saved.

The name used for saving was "Lieferschein.odt".

We will now continue working with this document.

If we move the mouse pointer over the last cell at the bottom right, we see that a sum 201803 LO HB ist sum.png is entered there.

We save the document under the name: "Delivery note - filled in.odt".

Now we enter some items with articles.

We format the order numbers.

For the final price per article we enter a Formula.

We format the final price.

In the last position "Men's trousers", we enter "2" for quantity and click in the cell for "Final price".

We can now look at the sum of all items.

We click on Save.

How calculations are performed in Writer tables, you can read in the help of LibreOffice. Enter "Calculations" as search term and then double-click "Calculations in text documents". For more information, see the documentation of LibreOffice Writer ("Writer manual"):

Calc table in Writer

We open Writer.

Now we insert an existing Calc table.

In the menu we choose Insert ▸ Object ▸ OLE-Object....

In the dialogue box "Insert OLE-Object" we select "LibreOffice 6.0 Workbook" and "Create from file".

In the next selection we click on , Search....

In the "Open" dialog box we select the "ODS.ods table" file and click Open.

We still set a check mark at "Link to file".

We click on OK.

Now the Calc table has been inserted into the Writer document as an object.

A double click on the Calc table object opens the Calc edit view.

The table can now be edited exactly as in Calc.

Finally we should save the document.

We assign the name, "Delivery note with Calc table".

We click on Save.

Further Informations

Work files

Work files for the Writer table

Delivery Note.odt

Delivery note - completed.odt

Work files for the Calc table in Writer

Delivery note with Calc table.odt

Table ODS.ods

Documentation / Manuals

Documentation / Manuals

Any questions?

For questions on this topic go to Ask.LibreOffice