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Toolbar: "Search"
Dialog box: "Search & Replace"
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This page belongs to the video "Search and Replace in Calc" and shows how to search for text, formulas and formats in Calc.

This description refers to the version LibreOffice 5.2.

Link to the Video

Link to the Video (in German [DE]): Suchen und Ersetzen in Calc – LibreOffice 5.2

Search options

There are several ways to find specific information within a Calc Document, such as "Text", "Formulas" or "Formats".

Open Calc and use the "Search" Toolbar.

Or you can click the Standard toolbar icon 201805 LO HB Symbol Suchen und Ersetzen.png "Find and Replace", the "Find and Replace" dialog box opens.

Or choose Edit from the menu, the Search and Replace dialog box will open.

"Search" toolbar

By default, the Find toolbar is located at the bottom of the status bar.

You can hide or show the Find toolbar using View ▸ Toolbars ▸ Search.

Find a term

In the Table search for a term.

Write a term you are looking for in the search field and then click on one of the symbols "Search next" -arrow down- or "Search previous" -arrow up-.

"Search and replace" dialog box

Alternatively, select the key combination Ctrl+Alt+F.

You can now navigate from one location to the next.

Or you can search with All Searches.

The locations where the search is conducted will be marked.

Search and replace

At the same time you have the possibility to replace found contents.

For "Search:" enter "Ost" and for "Replace:" enter "West".

Click Replace All.

You should only use Replace All if you are sure.

So the word "Kost" has also been changed to "Kwest".

"Search and Replace" formulas

With the dialog "Search and Replace" you can also search in formulas.

Click on "More options..." to expand the dialog.

Select "Formulas" from the drop-down list under "Search in:".

"Formulas" finds parts of the formulas -string or text.

In the Find: field, type Sum text.

You click All Searches.

"Sum" will be found in both the formulas and the caption.

"Search and Replace" values

With the "Find and Replace" dialog you can also search in cells with calculated values.

Select "Search in:" from the drop-down list, "Values" off.

"Values" finds values or text.

You type the value "3" in the "Search:" field.

You click All Searches.

A "3" is found in both the values and the caption.

Comments "search and replace"

Select "Comments" from the drop-down list under "Search in:".

Type "Plan" in the "Search:" field.

Click All Searches.

The "Plan Values" comment will be found.

Find and Replace Cell Templates

To replace one template with another, proceed as follows:

In the advanced "Find and Replace" dialog, place a check mark next to "Cell Templates".

The "Find:" and "Replace:" fields now each contain a drop-down list of templates.

Select the "Header Values" template for "Find:".

And for "Replace:" select "Heading2".

Click Replace All.

This changes the cells of the "Value Headings".

"Search and Replace" with wildcard -regular expressions-

Wildcards, also known as regular expressions, are combinations of characters.

Examples of wildcards are:

  • period (.)
  • question mark ('?)
  • asterisk (*).

You can tell LibreOffice to search with them.

In the offline help for "List of regular expressions'" search, displays the list of all regular expressions.

Further Informations

Documentation / Manuals

Documentation / Manuals

Any questions?

For questions on this topic go to Ask.LibreOffice