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In our whiteboard we list open topics at the design team. Volunteers find very simple tasks up to projects that fits the Google Summer of Code, for instance.

The expertise spectrum is roughly:

  • Simple: No need to be an usability expert, no coding knowledge required; some tasks makes it necessary to get the source code and edit ui files per Glade
  • Usability: Analysing workflows, read and understand bug reports, abstract information into generic solutions, scribble mockups; however mostly discussion with folks where no special knowledge is needed
  • Code/GSoC: C++/XML,Python etc., tasks that are done in GSoC or similar campaigns
Topic Task Expertise Remarks
Icons Find and apply a better icon for the installer Simple Follow tdf#103677 "Installer image has low colour for today's standards"
Dialogs Define guidelines for visual appearance Usability (Re)size, alignment, indentation etc.; Left or right aligned labels: tdf#99104; confirmation buttons: tdf#103574
UI Rework of Math' sidebar Usability Make a proposal for a common sidebar in Math; integrate a formula editor tdf#92171; tdf#99169; tdf#125931
Dialogs Preset/discuss dialog guidelines with community Simple Draft and publish blog post
Dialogs Check super ticket tdf#102019 as well as tdf#101912 and apply guidelines to all dialogs Simple Install/run Glade and find the right ui files
Dialogs Combine various object formatting dialogs into one single dialog tdf#87653 Usability Scribble mockups to check if the existing tabs can be combined easily or if another hierarchy is needed
OO Shapes Rework new Gallery concept Usability Just check if all is fine, meta ticket: tdf#99671
OO Shapes Implement new Gallery Code New Shapes Tab: tdf#87643

GSoC: Revamp the gallery tool

OO Shapes Define a unique branding Simple For example 2D/3D, colorized/grayscale etc.
OO Shapes Implement OO shapes according tickets Simple Following prioritization and branding
OO Shapes Consider an inbuilt shapes editor Usability hacking values in an external editor is awkward; to manipulate existing oo shapes it would be needed; tdf#101862; consider also block arcs tdf#100596
OO Shapes Consider a shapes style Usability E.g. to quickly switch from style “Windows” to “Gnome” and apply this to the “button shape”

Custom shapes with multiple colors: tdf#103298

Bibliography Collect requirements Simple Analyze bugzilla, meta ticket: tdf#101258, compare competitors (e.g. Mendeley)
Bibliography Improve workflow of adding an entry to bibliography Usability Better UI, e.g. wizard-like; Import/Export formats

Automatically fill out missing items; parse data from existing document, query by DOI number etc."

Bibliography Improve workflow of adding bibliography entries into documents Usability Adding entries like in Mendeley,. Easy at least with search capabilities
Bibliography Improve TOC dialog Usability Perhaps it’s better to have a dialog dedicated for this task only
Bibliography Quickly switch bibliography style Usability Quickly switch between styles requested from various journals
Bibliography Implement outcome of usability efforts Code

No final concept yet, but the task is listed as GSoC idea under User_Interface

Draw Introduce auto generation of block diagram Usability Find a nice solution to automatical flow chart generation, aka smart art; meta ticket: tdf#99669
Draw 3D dialog Usability Revamp 3D dialog tdf#53866
Draw Improve object selection and alignment Usability

meta: tdf#100155

Draw Requirements to “Improve Connector handling” Usability Analyze bugzilla, meta: tdf#99649
Draw Requirements to “Enhance Draw's user experience” Usability Analyze bugzilla, meta: tdf#100023
Draw Requirements to “Improve Layer Handling” Usability Analyze bugzilla, meta: tdf#99648
Icons UI integration of 32px icon themes Simple 32px icons: tdf#95014
HIG Visual branding guideline Simple Analyze what has been done on the wiki and update the HIG accordingly; align with visual designers
Menus Apply context menu guidelines Simple meta: tdf#86349
Options Rework the dialog Usability "All modules: tdf#101609

First steps made here and here"

UI Simple conversion of measurement units Usability Find a nice solution at best to quickly switch inline between various unit systems, meta: tdf#72662
UI High precise object position Usability Find a nice solution to numerical input including unit conversation and arbitrary precision for tdf#44267
Writer Hyperlink dialog Usability Find a nice solution for tdf#90679
UI Revamp print dialog Code,

Task listed as GSoC idea under User_Interface

UI Table of Contents: Entries tab Code GDoc, Blog post; Task listed as GSoC idea under User_Interface
UI Special characters dialog Code GDoc, blog post; Task listed as GSoC idea under User_Interface
UI Improve handling of AutoText Code No concept yet, but the task is listed as GSoC idea under User_Interface
UI Application Themes Code GDoc; Task listed as GSoC idea under User_Interface