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  • Remove the Find & Replace icon from the standard toolbar. There is a new Find toolbar that is shown by default. The Find & Replace icon can be added there on a user by user basis if needed.
  • Remove the Zoom icon from the standard toolbar. There is a new zoom slider built into the interface.
  • Complete - Add new open-source fonts to the installation package. Liberation fonts are being used in our documentation, so it would be great to include them by default. Including others would help establish a user base with more open-source fonts. Possible fonts include Liberation, Linux Libertine, Linux Biolinum.
  • Add relevant words to the default dictionary such as LibreOffice.
  • A new default color palette is needed with new colors and to have them organized in a logical way.
  • Complete - Change the color palette settings on the color dropdowns on the formatting toolbar. The dropdown palette shows ten columns of colors, but in Options - Color, the palette shows 8 columns of colors. This makes creating a palette that will display correctly more difficult. I would suggest changing the dropdown to having 8 columns to match the two.
  • Improve default values [1]
  • Make it easy to set the zoom percentage quickly and precisely. Using the slider can be a bit cumbersome when trying to zoom to an exact percentage. Using an editable text box to set the zoom amount could be done very quickly. Also, this could allow users the ability to set the zoom percentage without the use of a mouse, via tabbing over to the zoom percentage box. Dneelyep 2011-01-21T01:06:15 (CET)



  • The option to "Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted" in Calc options should be checked by default. This is normal behavior for a spreadsheet.
  • Show the Add Rows and Columns icons on the formatting toolbar for Calc.
  • Calc needs an accounting number format set up by default (without the $) and an icon for it on the Calc toolbar.
  • Calc needs these number formats by default in the Format Cells dialog - Numbers - Date list:
       Full month-YYYY (eg. June-2011)
  • In Calc, the default width of the horizontal slider seems too wide. I would suggest having the slider an inch or two narrower when opening a new default spreadsheet.

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File:UI Improvements.odt This is a file laying out some more ideas about the UI. Some would be easy to implement and some go beyond changing defaults, but I thought they should be together in one place.

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