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Here is where we try to keep track of who has contributed to the project, and a list of their public license statements, so we can manage provenance of the code and more simply migrate to an MPLv2/LGPLv3+ license.

Changes to this page are watched carefully - and are related to audit tooling - please do not radically alter, re-structure, or change this page unless you know what you're doing

N.B. The statements below are blanket statements covering all contributions, unless otherwise noted.

Example Statement

Example Code Contributor Statement

A nice minimal statement in an E-mail for a code developer looks like this:

   All of my past & future contributions to LibreOffice may be
   licensed under the MPLv2/LGPLv3+ dual license.

Slight variation to suit your personal taste is fine as long as the intention is clear.

Example Artist Statement

For some forms of art-work, such as clipart and templates - we routinely get queries from document authors as to licensing, inclusion in books etc. To provide the simplest and widest possible usage of clipart, templates etc. we encourage the use of the CC0 license, so a statement of this form:

   To the extent possible under law, I waive all copyright and related or neighboring
   rights to my past & future contributions to LibreOffice:

Where do I send the Statement?

It's best to send your statement to a public, archived list. We suggest the developers' list (no subscription required):

  • libreoffice@lists.freedesktop.org

If you can, it's great to use Subject: <your name> license statement - that helps search the archive nicely.

A list of persons who have send their statements can be found at the English page Development/Developers.