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Common windows problems

The mailing list regulary see mails with windows installation problems. It seems the problems evolve around 2 problems, which sadly enough cannot be solved by the LO installer.

Installation directory

When choosing a directory in which to install LODE, please use the 8.3 rules.

If you e.g. install (git clone) in

  C:\source\libreoffice developement\lode

Windows will change that (for cygwin and other DOS based products) to the 8.3 standard and it becomes:


However windows does not correct environment variables, therefore e.g. LODE_HOME will be wrong and cause problems.


Always clone lode, in a 8.3 path:


Cannot find mscvc.exe reports it cannot find the micrsoft visual studio parts.

This is caused by the same problem as above, but the solution is a bit more work:

shift+reset, go to the safe mode, do this:
fsutil 8dot3name set c: 0
fsutil file setshortname "Program Files (x86)" PROGS
fsutil file setshortname "Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0" msvc-12
fsutil file setshortname "Windows Kits" W~Kits
Correct your PATH variable