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End users perceive some features as basic and fundamental in any office suite which they are using. Although LibreOffice provides great functionality, there are still some features and enhancements missing compared to other office suites. The objective of this wiki page is to identify these missing features that lead new users coming from MS Office to statements like "Really, I cannot do this with LibreOffice?"


Hyperlinks are not being auto formatted if it's copy and paste

While writing in a cell, the text can automatically being formatted as a hyperlink if this option has been activated in autocorrect menu. The sad point is, that if a hyperlink has been copied from external (address field of browser for example) and inserted by pasting, it's not being formatted. Sure, manually it's with some effort possible to solve with the menu "Insert Hyperlink". But what to do if there's a list of many text that have to be "hyperlinked"? By the way, copying the format from one "hyperlinked" cell to a list is also not possible (Excel 2010 does it)!

Use list styles for default heading styles

Default heading styles have "Outline & Numbering" tab with disabled Outline Level and Numbering Style options. However in other paragraphs these options work fine. They should be enabled and the "Tools" - "Outline Numbering" dialog should open the properties of Numbering Style assigned to the Heading paragraph style. This will allow greater flexibility for heading numbering and fix some of related issues: i#68078, i#48101, i#69561, i#101294

Set default character styles for paragraphs

To be consistent with style formatting model it is necessary to define default character style for each paragraph style.

Currently all character style properties are duplicated inside of paragraph style. This clutters paragraph style edit dialog and discourages from using character styles.

To smooth the change of interface it is possible to keep selected character style properties as tabs in paragraph style edit dialog for some time. But the tabs should mention that all changes will apply to the character style, not just current paragraph.

To smooth the data change it is necessary to automatically create character styles for old documents.i#20692

Finish the Bibliography tool

The Bibliography tool has limitations: no import / export support (e.g. for BibTex), an odd table schema, hard or nonexistent ways to change / switch databases, no built-in way to create new ones. Cannot link in-document references to in-database references so that the database overrides document data for bibliography and footnotes. Edited from a long time OOo user's blog.


3D-like Effect (bulged text) from Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 has some shader for all geometric objects (in fact, only looking good in Text) Which simulates selectable types of bulging out. This is not really necessary, but just to avoid LO users getting envious... I write it here and not in "crazy ideas" because it MAY be easy to implement - perhaps in a simpler form. It depends on how quick it should work. However, one needs a algorithm that tells for any point of a 2d bool matrix how far it is from the next matrix point that equals zero. Some 4 (or 8?)-way propagation routine should do, i guess.

Sounds under custom animation do not work as expected

Custom sounds added under Custom Animation>Effect Options are not incorporated into the impress file but only linked locally, which means that presentations emailed with sounds will not work properly.

Sounds under custom animation also fail to play back under Linux.

General functionality

Parallel Installation

In order to simplify testing and working with different versions, there should be a option for parallel-installation in the installation-menu. It would be great, to have a check-box or option-button, to select parallel-installation right in the installation-menu. And to round this function up there should be a option, to import the user-settings from a older version if you chose parallel-installation.

A workaround exists at Server Install GUI (Windows only) and at Installing in parallel (all operating systems)

Insert Special Characters -> Recent Characters

Many fonts have a huge selection of special characters and if the user wishes to insert a few different ones within a document then each time the user has to search through all of those available. If the Special Character dialogue box, toolbar icon and/or menu entry had a dropdown box with a few of the most recent (or most popular) special characters, this could increase the ease of use for this feature. This would be particularly useful for those writing scientific reports, essays or characters with accents.

Solved issues

"Edit" button near drop-down lists in paragraph style properties (solved in 5.0)

In paragraph style edit dialog there are drop-down lists for selection of next paragraph style, the linked style, numbering style, etc. It will be very convenient to have an "Edit" button near each such drop-down list to open selected style properties for editing. This will greatly simplify style management and promote style formatting model for documents. tdf#87675

Printing comments in the right margin of the document (solved in 4.3)

Writer does not offer the possibility to print the comments attached to a document in any usable way nor does it allow PDF export of documents with comments (tdf#36815).

This missing feature is annoying for many users who just expect this working and who work in collaborative environments. It is currently the highest voted feature in the "Vote for Enhancement" page). Please also see related bug entry in the OpenOffice issue tracker: i#94514. More information here: Notes2 progress and Notes2 Design Printing.

X-Axis Error Bars (solved in 3.6)

What about error bars in x-direction? Isn't it strange, that y error bars are possible, but not x error bars? tdf#33773 and i#42946 As many people have previously posted, this feature is imperative for all students required to draw graphs. In many cases, not having such a feature is actually a deal breaker, as the user actually has to draw on any x-axis error bars he/she requires.

Mirrored from the OOo Bugzilla page: "I don't think I've ever had to do a scatter plot without x-error bars. So many people can't use this as their spreadsheet program because of this. With y-error bars already implemented, I'm not sure I understand why this has been an issue since 2005. It seems to me a good chunk of the code would have to have been already written but for a change in axis. I guess I also don't understand why they're aren't more votes for this...shrug."

I just had to make an account to talk about this. It is utterly ridiculous that this feature has not been implemented. I am in the first year of university, and was hoping I could get through without having to buy microsoft office. However, the lack of this feature essentially makes it impossible for me to do my lab report, so I have practically no choice but to buy excel now, and it's not bloody cheap either. It may not seem important to people who are no doubt computer scientists as opposed to physicists, but there is no way you can compete for university custom without basic features like this.

As for why there aren't more votes for this feature, maybe that's because I had to dig far too deep to find this page in the first place?

Improve trend lines (solved in 4.2)

Trend lines should be improved with polynomial regression type, moving average regression type, force intercept, extrapolate trend line. tdf#40317 summarize all these issues. It will improve compatibility with MS-Excel, as well as other spreadsheets (Gnumeric).

Extension Improved trend line is a workaround for a part of these features.

No horizontal ruler snapping (solved in 4.2)

Margins, tab stops, and paragraph indents should snap to the markers of rulers to keep a consistent position to all elements in a document. Currently, all objects have freedom of movement and it’s difficult to align all at a proper place, specially when working on a high resolution screen. Object snapping should also be an option that can be enabled/disabled and the interval for the snap grid should be configurable. See i#24070, lp#370034 and tdf#38144.