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    The Developers have a Mailing List used for communication and discussion.

    Also see Local and Regional Mailing Lists

    Joining the List

    To join the list, follow the instructions here:

    Who should subscribe?

    All LibreOffice developers and persons interested in LibreOffice development.


    To send mail to the list, use this address:


    List Archives

    List Rules/Guidelines

    • Post stuff relevant to development work.
    • Working code appreciated
    • To discuss theoretical ideas or for help with user questions, please try the Users/Mailing List.

    Explanation for

    • When you want to mail to the LibreOffice developer list ( make sure you read and understand the following.
    • People working on the list: please refer to this page to help people that are new on the list and/or need some pointers.
    • Intending to change this wiki? Please communicate via the list.

    This list is for developers, helping each other and working with other developers.

    • So by posting to this list, you show the intention to join the LibreOffice development community.

    What can you expect on this list:

    1. Whenever you mail to this list, understand that in a reply you likely will be asked to actually help with finding extra information for debugging and coding.
      • This is not to make you feel obliged, but because the developers have a lot of work and love to get more people involved.
    2. Also UX and QA people communicate on this list for specific issues, but only the ones that are being worked on.

    When you mail to the list:

    1. Respect that the people reading this list are busy and have important work to do. So it is great if you help them by posting smart:
      1. Cut all unnecessary context from your mail. Just leave the part(s) you reply or comment on, and place your text below.
      2. Hackers have fast, threaded mail readers, and it work best by far, when you mail as described.
      3. Choose your words carefully (re-read your mail before sending). Thus developers have to spent less time on reading and can do more on coding :-)
    2. Realize that in general the developers, as experts, need no explanation of the obvious, and appreciate just as any other when you are polite, do not tell them what they should do and so on.

    Do not mail to the list for:

    1. Reporting bugs, or feature requests unless - you are actively soliciting feedback on how best to fix them yourself
      1. Reporting bugs is explained here: BugReport
      2. User questions and general feature discussions can be done on the lists and
    2. This mailing list is particularly not a good place to report your views on the general quality, completeness etc. of the software - unless connected with actively working to improve the code.