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Halaman ini menggambarkan alasan dan garis waktu perjalanan menuju penerapan Bantuan Wiki yang ada di

Mengapa BantuanWiki?

The help files as they are now (the .xhp) format is hard to edit for developers and the documentation writers. Also, it is unfortunate that to see your changes, you have to actually rebuild part of LibreOffice. Both the developers and the documentation writers need something easier, something that can be created collaboratively, and easily. But still, it has to be easy to handle for the localization teams.

Wiki is so far the best free tool for collaboration editing. It gives anyone the freedom to improve things. With help implemented as a wiki, any user of the suite can (potentially) just describe the functionality better, should he/she find out that something is described wrongly, or just partially; but of course this does not mean that we will open it for public editing from the Day 1, at the beginning the accounts will be created on request.


  • Only the English pages will be editable
  • Strings from the English pages will be uploaded to pootle
    • So that you can work the way you are used to
    • The Translate Toolkit has a tool to extract strings from wiki markup - txt2po. If necessary, it has to be extended to handle everything we need in the wikihelp
  • Existing translations will be converted
    • So that the work is not lost, ie. everything that has been translated so far has to be translated in the wikihelp version too
  • The pootle tranlations will be applied over the English version
    • But if a language team decides that they want to translate directly in the wikihelp, their language version will be open for editing directly in the wikihelp

Rekam jejak waktu

  • Currently, we are converting the .xhp files into wiki markup
    • It is now online as
    • Needs to be polished [eg. it is yet unclear if we want to treat shared content (embedding) specially]
    • Bugreports appreciated! File to Bugzilla, and assign to, with wikihelp: <description of the problem> in the subject
    • LibreOffice 3.3 redirects to the on-line help, if the off-line help is not installed
  • The content of the Wikihelp has to be exported to .pot files
    • Might need changes in the txt2po filter
  • The translations from the .sdf files or .po files have to be converted to the wiki markup
    • Tested thoroughly that no information is lost
    • Tested also that when applied over the English version, all still looks fine, and no formatting is lost

Rencana ke depan (3.4)

  • Later we need tooling to convert the online help back to offline version(s)
    • to platform native help system
    • Windows/Linux/macOS
    • from the engineering point of view, we don't want a home-grown help system, as we have now
    • needs more research, to see if we don't lose features etc.
  • when done, the wikihelp becomes the authoritative version of the help
    • but we'll still be able to incorporate changes from the .xhp files, when merging from OOo

Pertanyaan Terbuka

  • extended tips
    • cannot be part of the wikihelp, most probably these have to be handled separately, ie. still part of the source code
  • security [Question by Jean-Baptiste Faure)
    • To fight spamers see mediawiki [1]
    • and also against spaming [2]
    • David Nelson propose to have editing rights dedicated to some groups only (dev, l10n, doc, ...)
  • Proposal by Jonathan Aquilina: when a page is edited, a mail is sent to a list to make the team aware and allow them to check for consistency as well as content
  • About offline editing, Kendy propose to use Wiki publisher extension and may be reviewing modification feature in LibreOffice.
  • Currently, there is no way to use glossary or TMX on the wiki.
  • What about help of installed extensions ? Currently extensions can provide help in the same system of off-line help than LibO. (Apparently, there is a bug that prevents LibO from checking extension help.)
  • Perhaps it should be interesting, from performance point of view, to have a sort of cache to store in the user profile on-line help pages read by the user.