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Schema image - document template (OTT) becomes a document (ODT)


The video shows how a letter can be created as ″Document template″ under LibreOffice and links to this page here, which contains further information.

This description refers to the version LibreOffice 6.3 under Windows 10.

Link to the Video

Link to the Video (in German [DE]): Dokumentvorlagen in Writer - LibreOffice 6.3

What are document templates good for?

All documents in LibreOffice are based on document templates.

In the simplest case, this is in Writer a blank white sheet.

However, it can also be a letter template, a form to be filled out or a report template.

A document template is a model or pattern that is used to create new documents.

For example, you may want to write letters frequently.

It would be very labor-intensive if you had to write the sender each time, and determine the place for the address.

Then with every letter questions arise, such as:
Which edge had I set where?
Which font and font size did I use?
And so on.

What is the advantage of a document template?

The great advantage of the document templates is that the recurring settings and specifications only have to be made once.

You should take enough time to do this and do everything according to your ideas.

Create a document ″Letter″ for a template

So you first create a letter for a template in which everything recurring is specified.

  • Address field
  • Sender field
  • Margins
  • possibly a graphic
  • Format templates / paragraph templates for text markups
  • Format templates / page templates for different page margins
 Note: The sample letter already has a second page with a different page template.

Save the ″Letter″ as document template

When the letter is finished, it can now be saved as a document template.

Choose File ▸ Document templates ▸ Save as Document template... from the menu.

The ″Save as document template″ dialog box displays the ″Document template category″ (the templates folder).

 Note: Category is here a synonym for folder.

Select the folder where the new document template should be saved.

For example, use the folder "My document templates".

At the top of the dialogue box enter the name "Letter Max Mustermann" for the new document template.

You can now decide whether the letter should be saved as the default template.

If you set a check mark at ″Set document template as default″, this letter template will always be opened when you open Writer.

Then click on Save.

Writer will save the new document template (as an OTT file) and the dialog box will close.

You can now close ″Letter″.

A document template becomes a new document

Document templates are stored in template folders.

To use a document template to create a document, proceed as follows:

Open Writer.

Choose File ▸ New ▸ Templates... from the menu.

In the "Manage templates" dialog box that opens, ″Textdokumente″ is already preselected as the filter, since we are in Writer.

Some templates are displayed here, depending on the template.

Select the "My Document Templates" folder here.

The document templates contained in the folder will be displayed.

Click on the document template "Letter Max Mustermann" and click Open.

The "Template Management" dialog box closes.

The previously selected document template now automatically became a new document.

You can now edit the new document (i.e. write a letter) and then save it with a meaningful name, just as you are used to any other document.

Reusing the document template

The document template "Letter Max Mustermann" remains unchanged and can therefore be used again and again.

Set a default document template

You can make any document the default document template.

If necessary, you can also switch back to the old standard template.

If you have selected or created the document you want to make the default document template, choose via the menu File ▸ Document templates ▸ Save as Document template....

In the dialog box ″Save as Document template″ select the template folder and enter a meaningful name.

Click on "Save document template as default" below.

Now click Save....

The next time you open Writer or choose File ▸ New ▸ Text Document, a document will be created based on the document template just set as default.

Manage document templates

 Note:  Writer can only manage document templates that were previously saved in template folders.

Create a template folder

Choose File ▸ Templates ▸ Manage Template... (Ctrl+Shift+N) from the menu.

The ″Manage Templates″ dialog box opens.

In the dialog box you can click the Settings icon and then select New Category (Folder).

A dialog box opens in which you can specify the category name.

Here you enter a folder name, e.g. "Letter templates".

Click on OK.

The folder is saved.

Click Cancel.

Delete a template folder

Choose File ▸ Document templates ▸ Manage Document template... (Ctrl+Shift+N).

The dialog box ″Manage Document template″ opens.

In the dialog box you can click the Settings icon and then select Delete Category (Folder).

A dialog box opens in which you can select the category you want to delete.

Click on OK.

A "Should the selected folders be deleted?" dialog box can be opened using Yes to delete or confirmed with No to cancel.

Clicking {Yes will delete the highlighted folder.

Click {Cancel.

Move a document template

Choose File ▸ Document templates ▸ Manage Document template... (Ctrl+Shift+N).

The dialog box ″Manage templates″ opens.

Find the template to be moved (possibly set the filter).

The folder will display the document templates it contains.

Click on the Document template you want to move.

And click Move in the dialog box.

Any category (folder) can be selected in the opening dialog box.

Alternatively, a new folder can be created using or create a new category.

Click Cancel.

Further Informations

Letter Max Mustermann

According Video

Letter Max Mustermann - Border visible using tables (in German).

Letter Max Mustermann - Border not visible using tables (in German).

According to DIN 5008

Sample letter according to DIN 5008 (in German).

Letter_Max_Mustermann using frame and second side different (in German).

 Note: Writer can only manage and access (open) document templates that were previously saved in template folders.

Using Document Templates

Business letter to DIN 5008

Document template letter

Documentation / Manuals

Documentation / Manuals

Any questions?

For questions on this topic go to Ask.LibreOffice