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Statistical Analysis


Finds the most common values in a data set. An error occurs when no value appears more than once. It is an array function, and the most common values are returned in a vertical array.


MODE.MULT(Number 1[; Number 2[; ...[; Number 255]]])


Returns a vertical array of real numbers which are the most common values in the list of arguments. The function will return more than one value when there are multiple modes sharing the same frequency of occurrence.


Number 1, Number 2, ..., Number 255 are numbers, references to cells or to cell ranges of numbers.

  • If any of the arguments contain text value being passed directly then the function returns a name(#NAME?) error and if with double quotes a simple error value(Err:504) is returned.
  • If a cell contains text, error value, or empty cells, then the function ignores these values. However, for logical values, TRUE is considered as 1 and FALSE as 0.
  • If a cell has 0 then the function includes it.

As the MODE.MULT function returns an array of values, it must be entered as an array formula. If the function is not entered as an array formula, only the first mode is returned, which is the same as using the MODE.SNGL function.

Additional details:

  • The number of values that are returned depends on
    • how many different values are considered to be the most common, and
    • how big the defined array is
  • The function returns the required values in the cells selected as an array and passed for the function but if more cells are included in the array than values, then the remaining cells contain #N/A.


1 1 2
2 2 1
3 3 2
4 4 5
5 3 3
Formula Description Returns
=MODE.MULT(A1:B5) here this formula is entered as an array formula. Also, include several extra cells to make sure that all modes are returned in that array. The function returns 2, and 3 as the modes because they each appear 3 times when entered as an array formula. However, the function will return 2 when the formula is not entered as an array formula. 2

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