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Function name:



Statistical Analysis


Returns the Alpha'th percentile of a supplied range of values for a given value of Alpha, within the range 0 to 1 (exclusive).





Data represents the array of data.

Alpha represents the percentage of the scale between 0 and 1.

Additional details:

A percentile returns the scale value for a data series which goes from the smallest (Alpha=0) to the largest value (Alpha=1) of a data series. For Alpha = 25%, the percentile means the first quartile; Alpha = 50% is the MEDIAN.

If Alpha is not a multiple of 1/(n+1), (where n is the number of values in the supplied array), the function interpolates between the values in the supplied array, to calculate the percentile value. However, if Alpha is less than 1/(n+1) or Alpha is greater than n/(n+1), the function is unable to interpolate, and so returns an error.

The difference between PERCENTILE.INC and PERCENTILE.EXC is that, in the PERCENTILE.INC function the value of alpha is within the range 0 to 1 inclusive, and in the PERCENTILE.EXC function, the value of alpha is within the range 0 to 1 exclusive.


=PERCENTILE.EXC(A1:A50;10%) represents the value in the data set, which equals 10% of the total data scale in A1:A50.

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