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LibreOffice has a bug tdf#48043 that makes the LC_CTYPE environment variable set the decimal point separator. Correct would be LC_NUMERIC (according to the [1]).

One example where this bug shows up is the behaviour of the numpad decimal separator key not working as in other programs, another if one starts libroffice with LC_NUMERIC different from other local in libreoffice calc default number format is that of LC_CTYPE and not LC_NUMERIC. Workaround: start libroffice with LC_CTYPE=$LC_NUMERIC. LC_NUMERIC is meant to define formatting numeric values that are not monetary, while LC_CTYPE is meant to define classification and conversion of characters, and to multibyte and wide characters - user:Ari thinks this might introduce (maybe subtle) side-issues if LC_CTYPE value is used elsewhere as intended.

This is an attempt to make this bug and the workaround more visible, at the time of writing one has to search the freedesktop bugzilla to come up with something helpful.