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Getting Started Guide for LO 6New & improved features to be considered

Items marked with an asterisk * may be outside the scope of the GS guide, but the list may be of some use to authors working on the other guides in future.


Initial proposal drafted by Dave Barton:

It may be that the Documentation Team will want to include the proposed new logo


or subsequent variations of this motif.

Leader Pages

Will require a general update (eg. dates, names, etc.)

Preface (Team Reviewed)

Additions to Help Menu

Links to the "User Guides", "Get help online.." aka Ask Libre (Olivier)

Chapter 1 – Introducing LibreOffice (Team reviewed)

Navigator Improvements

2 or 3 lines on this subject (Dave Barton)

Text Layout improvements

Skip - Too technical

Change of color palettes

yes (Amanda)

Safe Mode

Yes, write about (Paul). Reference:

Toolbars & Sidebar Changes

A couple of lines. Maybe a screenshot. (Amanda)



Revamped the Extension Manager

Update screeshot.(Jorge)

Keyboard shortcuts now appear in context menus by default

One or 2 lines (Paul)

Windows Installer

OK (Dave)


(Skip until confirmed in 6.0 as not experimental)

Support for some OS versions removed

Update (Dave)

Linux Quickstarter is removed.


Chapter 2 – Setting up LibreOffice (Team Reviewed)

Document signing


Improvements in open/import filters

(Not relevant to GS)

Icon Changes


New Import filters – StarOffice binary files & Zoner Callisto/Draw files


*Update - New Customization dialog ReleaseNotes/6.0#Configuration

Chapter 3 – Using Styles and Templates

Table Styles

Chapter 4 – Getting Started with Writer (Team Reviewed)

Go to Page Dialog

* Arrows Toolbox

* Improvements in the toolbar

* Borderless padding is displayed

Insert PDF as an image

Area Dialog Redesign

Toolbars & Sidebar Changes

Page Deck in the sidebar

Table Styles

New Context Menu Functions

New formatting toolbar

Custom Watermark

Context Menu Added Character Styles

Menu Tools ▸ Outline Numbering changed to Chapter Numbering


Web wizard removed

Update New Search Bar find filter option ReleaseNotes/6.0#Writer_3

Update Major change to Special Characters Dialog ReleaseNotes/6.0#Dialogues

Update A Writer table can be used as a mail merge data source

Chapter 5 – Getting Started with Calc

Arrows Toolbox – The GS52 guide does not have a section for graphics in Calc, this could be added to Chapter 11 – Graphics, Gallery, Fontwork

* Option settings

* New & changed spreadsheet functions

* Compatibility with ODF 1.2

New Number Formats

* Default Cell Styles

* Pivot tables

* Merge non empty cells

* Empty hidden cell

Functions ( Insert ▸ Function ) can now be searched

* Support the Scroll Lock key

* Trend line (regression) equation

* Improvements in OpenXML filter

Toolbars & Sidebar Changes

* Priority of conditional formatting rules

New cell comment commands added

New Cell Protection toggle command

New sheet protection options

New cell styles menu

* New ROUNDSIG function

* New Pivot Charts


New select unprotected cells menu item

Chapter 6 – Getting Started with Impress

Template Selector at start-up.

Area Dialog Redesign

Toolbars & Sidebar Changes

Presentation Wizard Removed

Duplicate dialog enhancement

New insert slide keyboard shortcut


Flash export to be removed

Chapter 7 – Getting Started with Draw

New arrow endings

Area Dialog Redesign

Duplicate dialog enhancement

New insert slide keyboard shortcut

Chapter 8 – Getting Started with Base

* Changes to Firebird – Embedded Firebird changes are way outside the scope of the GS guide.

* Access2Base updated

Chapter 9 – Getting Started with Math

Math Improvements

New context menu edit commands

Chapter 10 - Printing, Exporting, E-mailing

Nothing found

Chapter 11 – Graphics, Gallery, Fontwork

Arrows Toolbox – The GS52 guide does not have a section for graphics in Calc, this could be added to Chapter 5 – Getting Started with Calc

* Image Maps to be removed.

Chapter 12 – Creating Web Pages

With the removal of the web page creation facility, this chapter might be removed

Chapter 13 – Getting Started with Macros

Nothing found

Chapter 14 – Customizing LibreOffice


Customization dialog updated

Appendix A – Keyboard Shortcuts

Nothing found

Appendix B – Open Source, Open Standards, OpenDocument

Nothing found