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Basic Principles of The LibreOffice Documentation Reference System

The principles below were adopted for designing the LibreOffice documentation reference system, based on the English Documentation team's working context in April 2011:

  1. The versioning system should be totally independent of Alfresco's versioning (or of the versioning system of any other tool used for documentation production and storage), and should be maintained manually by the English Documentation team, based on the status of a document as considerered by the working contributors. That way, the system is properly portable to any working environment.
  2. The reference version of English documentation should be stored on the English Documentation team's working environment - Alfresco, or whatever other system the team chooses to use - although a copy of user-ready documentation will uploaded to the wiki and linked-to from the Documentation wiki index page and the website.
  3. The document's meta data is the logical place to store the versioning info. You get genuine portability and are not tied to any particular working environment. Plus, you're not tied to carefully preserving OS file names in order to preserve the versioning information.
  4. The principles and rules of the versioning system should be documented on the wiki. A decision needs to be taken about whether a version records table needs to be maintained on the wiki, independently of Alfresco.
  5. The system should be as easy to understand and apply as possible - especially by people without a degree in mathematics.