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Dan's proposal: a single team leader to help guide us to produce and revise the documents for LibreOffice and several leaders for the components of LibreOffice.

Some of the components such as Writer and Calc probably should have their own leaders, and some of the other components (Draw and Impress) might could use one also. Math and Base might could be put under one leader.

These leaders should keep track of the work being done in their own areas and the progress being made in the table form on the wiki. This would cover the writing, rewriting, and reviewing of the documents. If there is a problem, these leaders should solve it if possible. If not, then they should check with the team leader.

We also need a leader for the area of preparing the documents for publication. This includes, copy editing, indexing, and converting to PDF.

The team leader would consult with leaders on the progress and any problems that needs the team leader's attention.

The rest of the people would be working with one or more of the leaders as the need arises. It would be nice if a progress report would be made to their leader on a regular basis.