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The Documentation team

The LibreOffice Documentation team is a group of volunteers who strive to provide good quality technical guides for LibreOffice users and developers. You too can become part of the Documentation team by contributing to one or more of our many projects in planning or being worked on.

Current team members

Get involved with the Documentation team

If you'd like to do work on documentation, please write to the team on the Documentation mailing list (details below), tell us a little about any past experience you may have, and tell us what kind of work you'd like to do.

How we work

The Documentation team communicates through a mailing list (our principal channel, see below) and this wiki. We currently do the production work on the ODFAuthors website, and then post final documents ready for downloading on this wiki on the Publications page. (We also maintain an index of links to those documents on the LibreOffice main website at

To learn more about working with the LibreOffice project, visit the project contributor information pages on the website ( and and the Documentation Development page on this wiki.

The Documentation team mailing list

Almost all our communication is done via the Documentation mailing list.

To sign up to get all messages forwarded to you in real time, send a mail message to

If you just want to be updated on these mailing list posts by getting one single digest once per day, sign up by sending a message to:

One easy way to read our mailing list posts using a convenient forum-like web interface is to visit LibreOffice's Nabble mailing list gateway ( If you'd like to post a message to the list via Nabble, you'll need to sign up for an account on Nabble (wisit

Other ways to view past mailing list posts:

News server access NNTP:

First steps with the Documentation team

We are writing a Contributors' Guide for the Documentation team. Some of the chapters are available in draft form. Please see this page for details.

Documentation production

For more information about on-going work being done by the Documentation team, please visit the documentation development page.

People Needed

In addition to volunteer writers, reviewers, editors, indexers, researchers etc., we need some people to help coordinate document production and mentor volunteers.

Documentation Coordinators

People are needed to take responsibility for specific documentation projects. This doesn't mean you have to do all the work! But you do need to commit time to coordinating volunteers doing smaller pieces of the work, keep track of what need to be done, who is doing what, what's on time or behind schedule or not getting done at all (for example, when updating a book to the latest version of the software). Jean Weber has been doing most of this at OOoAuthors, but she can't keep up with everything.


People are also needed to help others get started and also help them with general technical writing issues. We get a lot of volunteers who want to improve their technical writing skills, but we don't have enough mentors to help them.