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I am preparing to write a book on using styles and templates in Writer, aimed at intermediate and advanced users. It will be based on Chapters 6, 7, and 10 of the Writer Guide (and include relevant bits of other Writer Guide chapters, such as Ch3 on Text, Ch12 on ToCs, and Ch13 on Master Docs), but the info will be reorganised, have more detail, and contain more examples of use.

I have not yet decided how to organise the text, but I am considering doing it as a series of tutorials, each using adifferent example (such as thesis, magazine, travel book), and combine the tutorials into a book, along with a reference section at the back. Examples and context (when and why to use something) are essential. And lots of diagrams to illustrate concepts such as the sequence of page styles in a book.

The book will be under CC-BY license and will be provided as a free PDF as well as in printed form and possibly in ePub (ebook) form.

This wiki page will contain the proposed outline of the book and drafts of the book's chapters. You can help in these ways:

  • Add your "wish list" of topics or examples to be included in the book.
  • Organise the topics in the outline or discuss the outline on one of the documentation lists.
  • Review and comment on the book as it develops. I will put drafts here for this purpose.

Anyone who contributes in more than a trivial manner will be listed as a contributor or acknowledged in some way in the book.

Here is Regina Henschel's wish list, taken from a note to the LibO Documentation list:

  1. Inheritance of style settings and how one can reset inheritance and determine the actual settings in a style in the 'Contains' section of the dialog page 'Organizer'.
  2. Setting the language of the document. Hierarchy of language settings. Working with different languages in one document.
  3. Style information in the status bar: Access of page style settings via status bar, Information about lists and outline.
  4. Connection between page numbering and page style. Reason of empty pages and why "Offset" is bad.
  5. The implicit anchor property of frame styles.
  6. Hiding style settings by implicit direct settings, when moving objects with mouse.
  7. Working with right and left pages. Mirrored alignment.
  8. All automatism, which are based on styles. For example generating a TOC based on style. But also the other way round, which style is automatically used for something, for example hyperlinks, for bullets, for footnotes, for tables.
  9. Why and how to use register-true.
  10. What happens with styles on import and export to doc-format or to rtf-format?
  11. Background and borders in style, hierarchy and combining.
  12. The different ways to use format paint brush.