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METU NCC LibreOffice Hackfest 2018
Dates December 30, 2018
Location METU NCC Culture and Convention Center, Guzelyurt, Northern Cyprus


METU NCC ACM LibreOffice Hackfest 2018 Poster

On Hackfest everyone will solve the bugs of LibreOffice individually and send patch to LibreOffice.There will be a Certified LibreOffice Developer, so you can get help from him.

How to get there?

  • Public address: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Kuzey Kıbrıs Kampusu, 99738 Kalkanlı, Güzelyurt, KKTC
  • This address also includes all transportation information: ""

About the location

METU Northern Cyprus Campus.

North Cyprus is the Med's best kept secret: Loved for its slow pace of life, value for money and delightful village-feel, it combines beautiful bays and enchanting sights with a sunny climate all year round, making it an ideal get-away for every season. Located at the crossroads of three continents and just 40 miles from Turkey, North Cyprus is bursting with intriguing antiquity and a rich cultural history. The North Cyprus coastline is astonishingly beautiful with its ancient harbors where you can dine al-fresco and beaches that stretch for miles, whilst the depths of the crystal-clear azure seas offers many of the region's best dive sites. A labyrinth of craft shops, ancient sites and family-owned restaurants await exploration in North Cyprus' vibrant towns, whilst idyllic scenery and ancient rustic villages gently dot the countryside.

Look "" for more information about METU NCC and Northern Cyprus.


LibreOffice community members attending the event.

# Attendee's Name
1 Muhammet Kara (Trainer)


General information about the LibreOffice codestructure and the development workflow will be given briefly. The steps needed to start contributing to LibreOffice as a developer will be explained quickly. Participants should already be familiar with the linux environment and development tools. The narration will be made on Debian, but with minor changes it applies to all distributions. In the second part, attendees will have the opportunity to watch LibreOffice developer Muhammet Kara while solving a bug in LibreOffice.

Date & time: 13:00pm, Saturday, December 29
Location: CCC Seminar Room-4
Speaker: Muhammet Kara (muhammetk AT gmail DOT com)

Rough schedule:

* Getting the source code of LibreOffice
* Compiling the source code
* Finding an easyhack to work on
* Sending the patch to gerrit


Some LibreOffice/TDF stickers will be given out.