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Why does my sheet or a part of my sheet refuse to print? I can't see it in Print preview mode.

If the Print preview does not show the whole sheet, it is probably because a print range has been defined. You need to modify or suppress it:

  1. With the spreadsheet open, go to Format ▸ Print ranges ▸ Edit.
  2. In the dialog that appears, the Print range box will be set to "User-defined" and will show a range of cells.
  3. Adjust the cell definition as required or select None.
  4. Click OK.

Note : if no print range is selected, the whole area that contains data will be printed.

If the Print preview does not show a sheet (or several sheets) of your spreadsheet, the above also applies. In this case, a print range is certainly defined for one or more of your other sheets. You need to adjust the print range for the invisible sheet. You can procede as shown above.

If the Print preview is empty, there is nothing to print. The spreadsheet can be printed only if it contains data! To print an empty table (just the grid), either use the word processor or:

  • Put a space character in each cell that you want to print.
  • Or force printing of the grid using Format ▸ Page ▸ Sheet tab ▸ Print ▸ Grid.