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How to paste text into more than one column

When I paste from a text file, I want the text to be cut up to go into different columns.

If the copied text contains only one row, the paste operation will not invoke the Text Import dialog. To obtain this dialog and choose a column separator:

  1. Select and copy the text.
  2. In the spreadsheet, position your mouse on the first cell and choose Paste Special.
    • Go to Edit ▸ Paste Special,
    • Press ⇧ Shift+Ctrl+V,
    • click on the triangle beside the Paste button and choose Paste Special from the menu.
  3. Select Unformatted Text. The result will depend on the type of test copied.
    • For multi-line text, the Text Import dialog will appear. Choose the separation options for the field and, if required, the field type of each column, as explained in Faq 001.
    • For a single row, the whole text is copied by default. But you can still access the previous dialog by using the menu Data ▸ Text to Columns. Then proceed as above.