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How do I update a running slide show?

I want to project data from a spreadsheet which is being continuously updated during the slideshow. How do I automatically refresh the presentation?

  • In the spreadsheet, select the range of data in question, then use Data ▸ Define Range to give a name to the selection.
  • In the slideshow,
    • Launch Insert ▸ Object ▸ OLE Object[1] ▸ Create a new object ▸ LibreOffice spreadsheet.
    • Menu Sheet ▸ Link to External Data. Use the button to search for the spreadsheet; the available ranges will appear. Select one, set the update frequency, and press OK.
    • As a transition for the slide, select Automatically after 1 sec for example.
    • In Slide Show ▸ Slide Show Settings ▸ Presentation Mode, select Loop and repeat after with a delay of 0 seconds.


  1. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding). Objects can be linked to a document or embedded into it. When you embed an object, a copy of the object together with the details of the source program are inserted into the document.