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Comment ajouter un flux web sur une page wiki ?

Par exemple, pour afficher la liste à jour des rapports de bogues dans Calc avec le mot clé "Print", le code ressemble à :


Ce qui donne :

[Bug 136006] Shapes in LO Calc do not get hidden from print preview UI when hidden from printing

[Bug 137262] Printing the headline on following pages isn't possible
[Bug 95449] Calc sheet preview and print preview not match for rotated text and images
[Bug 33152] Using dynamic names for printing areas
[Bug 34697] Print Current Page in Print dialog - Calc [Writer, Draw, Impress are finished]
[Bug 37259] FORMATTING Define Print Range across filtered rows fails
[Bug 39068] PRINTING only first area with color formatted cells (background, border), same with PDFEXPORT
[Bug 42339] EDITING and VIEWING cell borders differs from expected and PRINTING
[Bug 44482] PRINTING annoying behaviour when printing selected cells
[Bug 45056] PRINTING: define different scale modes for different tabs in Calc
[Bug 46959] PRINTING: Combination of Narrow Coloured Cell Border and Grid does not print correctly
[Bug 47050] Calc: Shown comments should not print and export if print/export comments unchecked
[Bug 47078] Empty page with cell borders gets printed out when "Suppress output of empty pages" is enabled
[Bug 47592] FILEOPEN: Print range not loading in some file(s) with links to another file
[Bug 50289] VIEWING: Background-color of cell overlaps border in page preview / export to PDF / print
[Bug 51022] Print range lost on file save/reopen if the file contains external link
[Bug 53156] PRINTING: a thin line appearing on top end of the thick inner line(border)
[Bug 55641] PRINTING: Print area doesn't fit on page (XLS)
[Bug 56256] PRINTING and PDF export: inconsistent consideration of Appearance color Settings
[Bug 56614] Calc printer properties don't activate save of spreadsheet file.
[Bug 57257] FORMATTING: Cells formatted as shrink to Cell Size - Printing produces empty pages
[Bug 60803] PRINTING: some 0,05pt borders shown in pale grey instead of solid black
[Bug 64703] PRINTING: Problem with page break when autofilter is on
[Bug 66613] EDITING: sheet copied to another document does not retain a defined print range
[Bug 71452] Print area for bottom margin can not be resized as other margins
[Bug 73819] Format Page does not save settings for Print "Objects/graphics" "Charts" "Drawing objects" and "Zero values" in XLS
[Bug 74101] add NOPRINTROW and NOPRINTCOL functions
[Bug 75046] PRINTING Prints off page beyond bottom margin when a row break is in hidden rows
[Bug 77021] FILESAVE: Print range not saved when spreadsheet is linked with another spreadsheet on at least 1 tab
[Bug 80598] PRINTING: Colour properties not applied when printing xls sheet
[Bug 81165] in xls spreadsheet FILESAVE - dotted lines round cells print but then do not save

[Bug 81842] non-editable draw object from xlsx imported file causes corruption on printing

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