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The given reason is: '''Since 3.5 this functionality is available by default.'''
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How do I make a clickable table of contents?

Since 3.5 this functionality is available by default.

For previous versions, the insertion of an hyperlink in the table of contents makes it possible to reach a title with a simple click. In addition, export in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) affects this feature. To achieve this:

  1. right click in the table of contents and select Edit table/index;
  2. under the Entries tab, act on the Structure area;
  3. select the level you want to bring up information varying according to the hierarchical level; otherwise you will have to click the All button once the structure will be set;
  4. click in a blank area in the Structure ruler to set the beginning of the hyperlink, then click the Hyperlink button: a LS button appears for Link 'Start;
  5. click in another blank area where you want the hyperlink to end and click the Hyperlink button again to set the end of the hyperlink: a LE button is inserted for Link 'End;
  6. click All to apply this formatting to all the hierarchical levels or repeat the process for the levels you want;
  7. click OK.

Depending on where you set the beginning and the end of the hyperlink, this may cover all or part of the line in the table of contents.

To remove the default underlining of hyperlinks (which can be annoying, especially when printing) you must use the character style Index link to remove this formatting.

To do so:

  1. Edit the index, Entries tab
  2. Select the LS button marking the beginning of the hyperlink
  3. Choose the character style Index Link in the list :
  4. Click All to apply this formatting at all the hierarchical levels;
  5. Press OK.

copie d'écran dialogue édition index
Character style selection

To delete these links, click the LS and LE buttons and press the Delete key.