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How to update tables based on a DDE link

Tables based on a DDE link[1] are those obtained by using copy;paste special from a Calc spreadsheet for example.

Their interest is that they allow you to manage their layout in the word processor, with the usual table attributes, while retaining a dynamic link with the data in the source spreadsheet.

The Edit ▸ Links menu shows the links present in the document:

  • Source file (Url)
  • Element (range)
  • Type (soffice)
  • Update (automatic / manual)

However, neither this command nor the Navigator will show which table is involved (i.e. its name or position in the document).

It is possible to retrieve this information with this macro CommentingDDETables.

The program inserts a comment in the first cell of the table including:

  • the source (Url of the spreadsheet for example),
  • the range used in the source.


  1. DDE: "Dynamic Data Exchange". DDE allows objects to be linked by file reference, but not to be embedded.