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Some Thoughts

The current flow chart version disregards rules for Flowcharts.

So, for example

  • Decision symbol is used to show a Operation and instead of terminators
  • Sub Program symbol is used for decisions

Additionally I think it's

too sophisticated,

I doubt that really many people will try to find out whether he should a bug

  • Critical - Medium
Or better ?
  • Major - High

I see, the hints are rather clear. But those niceties are without any influence to the bug fixing process, so I recommend to consider use of Priority dropdown depricated and only to use the Severity rating.


  • There is no need to write an additional Mail to the Dev-Mailing-List For some blocker-MAB. The list will get a mail for any bug newly added to the MAB trakcing bug, and so it's more effective to have a meaningful summary line cited in the tracking bug, what tells all necessary to devlopers.
  • I think also Many Major rated bugs deserve MAB-rating (if that serious glitch affects many users).

I think the decision help texts are very plausible, easy to understand and useful for decisions, I only would like to limit the number of different ratings.

-- Rainer Bielefeld 2013-03-27T07:26:45 (UTC)