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This article needs updated a bit in the following way:

1) The author of the program has changed its name from "Server Installation GUI" to "Separate Installation GUI" (for short "SI-GUI"). Hence I would say that the page needs retitled to suit and pages that link to this one would need to be altered to reflect the change in title. I would also note that the author of the program seems to have altered his conceptualisation of what the program is and hence refers to "Parallel Installation" instead of "Server Installation". Likewise the links that actually link to this page under the heading "File usage" all have "parallel" in their titles - so modifying this article title to reflect that would be less confusing for users.

2) The illustration of the GUI is outdated. The current GUI looks like this On that basis the illustration needs updated.

I am new to this wiki thing and have looked for ways to change the title and to put in a new illustration. At the help pages I could see no information on how to change the title of a page. And the instructions on placing an image into a page are obscure - I don't understand them, though likely with a page.article to practice on I would get the hang of it, but I see no way to get a practice page for myself to experiment with things. Also there seems to be no instructions on how to replace one, old, image with a newer updated one. Someone with more experience of the wiki needs to rework this outdated article - I doubt it would take long with the right knowledge. Radish (talk) 2017-01-23T15:13:48 (UTC)