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The Video "Datum formatieren – in Calc" ([DE]) link to this page here, which contains further information.

This description refers to the version LibreOffice 5.3.

Link to the video [in DE-German]

Link to the video: Datum formatieren [DE – in German]

This video shows how a date can be formatted in Calc.

Format date in calc

Format according to ISO 8601

Possibilities for date formatting

1. We click the icon in the Formatting toolbar 201905 ENLOHB Symbol date format.png “Format as date” or

2. we press the buttons Ctrl+1. With both versions can be a number in a Date formatted and vice versa.

3. In the main menu we choose Format ▸ cells.

Adjust date format

We choose in the main menu Format ▸ cells.

The dialog box opens "Format cells".

There we select the tab "Numbers".

For "Category" we choose "Date".

In "Format" we can choose a date format, e.g. "1999-12-31".

There are one for the format selection large number of formats available.

If the format meets our wishes, we click on OK.

Another option we have in the line "format code".

Here we can create our own formats.

Adapt date format to ISO 8601

For further processing or transmission of data in date format, the standardized international date format is recommended Wikipedia - ISO 8601.

This format, in the following year-month-day, (YYYY-MM-DD = 1999-12-31), is already available as a selection.

If we have selected this format, an appropriate hint will be given below the line "Format-Code".


Dates in documents and for Disclosure or Transfer should always be given with a four-digit year.