Freeze rows and or columns in Calc LibreOffice 6-4

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Rows and Columns frozen
Menu: View ▸ Freeze Rows and Columns

The video "Freeze Rows and or Columns in Calc LibreOffice 6.4" links to this page, which contains further information.

Link to the Video

LINK to the Video: Freeze Rows and or Columns in Calc – LibreOffice 6.4 in Work

Open file

We open calc and the file 20200611_Housekeeping book in Calc.ods.

- Work files -

Position the cursor

For freezeing, the cursor must first be placed in the correct cell. In our example, we place the cursor in cell C3.

Freeze rows and columns

Starting from this cell, the rows and columns are frozen then to the left and top of it.

In the View menu you can choose between "Freeze Rows and Columns" or "Freeze Cells".

We select Freeze Rows and Columns.

View frozen rows and columns

If we now scroll down, the lines 1 and 2 are freezed. And if we move the horizontal scroll bar to the right, columns A and B remain freezed.

Remove the Freezing

The Freezing can be canceled again with View ▸ Freeze Rows and Columns.

- up -

Further Informations

Work files

20200611_Housekeeping book in Calc.ods

Documentation / Manuals

Documentation / Manuals

Any questions?

For questions on this topic go to Ask.LibreOffice