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Foreword and topics in part 1

The video "Insert and edit images in Writer - LibreOffice 6.3 - part 1" links to this page here, which contains further information.


  • Insert
  • Change size
  • Set anchorage
  • Define circulation
  • Compress
  • Turn
  • Labeling

Link to the Video

Link to the Video (in German [DE]): Bilder einfügen und bearbeiten in Writer - LibreOffice 6.3 - Teil 1

Insert picture

″Insert Image″ Dialogue box

Open Writer and the file "Lorem ipsum V63".

Place the cursor somewhere in the middle of the text.

Now select the "Insert image" symbol 202008 LODE Symbol Bild einfügen.png.

Alternatively you can use the menu Insert ▸ Image select.

In the dialogue box ″Insert Image″ select the image file Bild_015k.JPG and click Open.

The image is now displayed in the document.

Image: Position and size

In the sidebar under Properties, you can select ″Position and Size″ the ″Height″ and ″Width″ of the image.

To ensure that the proportions are retained, place a check mark at ″Seitenverhältnis beibehalten″ 202008 LODE Auswahl-Häkchen Seitenverhältnis beibehalten.png.

At ″Width″ enter '5.00 cm.

The image is immediately adjusted in dimensions.

The value for ″Height″ no longer needs to be entered, since you have set the check mark for ″Maintain aspect ratio″.

Left-click and hold the image and first drag it further down towards the center.

Set circulation for the image

In the context menu, choose for the image ″Parallel circulation″ off.

Right-click on the image again and select Properties....

In the ″Bild″ dialog box in the ″Circulation″ tab, enter 0.50 cm for ″Abstand″ and click OK.

Set anchorage for the image

Left-click on the image and drag it further down towards the center.

Now right-click on the image.

In the context menu that appears, move the cursor to Anchor.

Another context menu shows the anchoring as ″On the paragraph″.

If this is not the default setting, click on it.

Compress the image

Since you have already selected the smaller version of the image Image_015_k when inserting it, no additional compression is required.

Look at it anyway.

Right-click on the image and choose Compress....

In the appearing dialog box ″Bild komprimieren″, the values for width, height and resolution are displayed.

In the dialogue box below the centre the size of the image file is shown in "kB".

Click Cancel.

Remember to save your document.

Rotate the image

Cursor shape

With the image selected, right-click on the image and choose Rotate or Mirror.

Or select the ″Rotate″ icon on the ″Image″ toolbar.

The four corners of the image now each have a orange dot.

Move the cursor to one of these points.

The cursor shape changes to a three-quarter circle line with end arrows.

Click and hold the point and drag it clockwise or counterclockwise.

When the desired angle for the image is reached, release the mouse button.

Another way to rotate the image is in the sidebar under Properties.

If the image is selected, you can rotate it in the sidebar in the lower area under ″Position and size|Rotation″, specify the angle in degrees.

Alternatively, hold the blue dot over the rotary wheel and turn clockwise or counterclockwise.

When the desired angle for the image is reached, release the mouse button.

At 0 degrees, the image is back in the position it was inserted.

Caption the image

Right-click on the image again and select Insert caption....

In the dialog box ″Insert caption″ enter a caption for the image at ″Beschriftung″

There at ″Eigenschaften/Kategorie″, you can select a term for the category, e.g. ″Graphic″ or ″Figure″.

In ″Preview″, you can see how the label looks as a whole.

When you are satisfied, click OK.

The image has now been given an additional frame.

And according to the pre-selection, the inscription is located at the bottom edge.

You can also change or add to the caption later.

The prerequisite is that the frame of the image is not selected.

Simply click in the label text and edit the label.

Crop an image

If you want to crop an image, right-click inside the image and select Crop.

The handle points are now blue.

You can now click and hold the points with the left mouse button and drag them into the image.

If the section is as desired, then simply click somewhere next to the image so that the image is unselected.

The cropped image does not need to be saved.

Only the cropped image is visible, but the entire image remains in the document.

The cropped image can be enlarged again using the Crop function.

Further image editing options

In the context menu, select further image editing options.

If you click with the right mouse button on an image in the document, you have access to the Menu selection for the image even more possibilities of image editing.

Edit with external tool

Click with the right mouse button on the image and select Edit with external tool.

An image editing program opens that has been defined in the operating system with the file type of the image.

If you do not have a suitable image editing program, you can download a program from the Internet.

Here are a few examples of image processing programs

Paint.NET, IrfanView, Gimp, (descriptions can be found in Wikipedia)

In this way, you can edit the image with an image editing program (tool) for your purposes.

Put image file in the background

Right-click on the image and choose Circulation ▸ Background} from the context menu.

Further Informations

Used working documents

Lorem ipsum V63.odt

Lorem ipsum V63 mit Bild_015_k - ohne Beschriftung.odt

Lorem ipsum V63 mit Bild_015_k - mit Beschriftung.odt

LiV63 mit Bild_015_k – ohne Beschriftung mit Rahmen.odt

Bilder in Tabellen-Rahmen - mit Beschriftung.odt

Bilder in Tabellen-Rahmen - ohne Beschriftung.odt

Collagen - Bilder in Formen.odt

Collagen - Bilder in Formen mit einem GIF.odt

Used pictures

Bild_001_k to Bild_034_k.jpg and GIF_001_k.gif

Downloadable document for the video

in German [DE]

Bilder einfügen und bearbeiten Teil 1 V63.odt

Documentation / Manuals

Documentation / Manuals

Any questions?

For questions on this topic go to Ask.LibreOffice