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This wiki is currently work in progress and will subsequently provide information on our ideas, projects, visions, goals and products, and everyone can contribute. For our official homepage, please visit www.documentfoundation.org


In this wiki you are able to add pages in your language. Please follow these basics rules to create your pages:

  • The syntax should be XX/mypage where XX is the iso code of your language and use full caps.
  • Add a language category to your page
  • Do not localize title of a new page when you translate content, to get a localize title add DISPLAYTITLE: Page Title
  • Make sure you have created a new page and that you do not work on the original page you want to translate

We will provide very soon a full editing policy, but please to help our wiki to stay the useful tool it should be, follow the rules above!


Task List and Wish List for LibO documentation. To be expanded as our docs develop.