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Note: This page just contains proposals by community members. For the official LibreOffice branding resources, please visit the Marketing/Branding page.


By Andy Fitzsimon

Andy Fitzsimon (Novell) provided some "inspiration and thoughts for the upstream project". He was so kind to share his work with us ... enjoy! He also provided the source data (SVG).

AndyFitzsimon ArtworkProposal style.png
AndyFitzsimon ArtworkProposal splashes.png

By Austin St. Aubin

Libre is Greek and means Free or For No Price. The disambiguation meaning for Libre derives from various Romance languages and come to mean "the state of being free", as in "having freedom" or "liberty". To relate to the meaning of freedom/free I have decided to use the image of the freedom fighters fist. The image of a fist shows power, unity, freedom, and the will to fight for one rights & liberty. These words and images tie in very well with the history of LibreOffice and the nature of Open-Source software.

Here is my execution of these concepts. Art work is vector and SVGs are available. They can be modified.

LibreOffice logo v23 Ridged by: Austin Saint Aubin

By Rizal Muttaqin

This is my splash screen concept for LibreOffice 7 release (not yet released when I wrote this wiki). I just want to make LibreOffice looks professional and modern with latest design language. LibreOffice has green color as it's branding but I tried to set blue with a little green gradation to version numbering (7) to make it more energetic, young yet shiny. The "rainbow" diagonal color which reflects each module of the software (Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple and Gray) are taken for official branding color code. There's source SVG file available in source data (SVG).


Business Cards

By Duilio Dias and Eliane Domingos

Cartão final LF01.jpg
Cartão final LF02.jpg


By Jens Habermann

LibO/TDF German 2011 calendar / draft


File:WK 2011 LOO a3.pdf (PDF ready for editing with Illustrator)

First draft, so feel free to add your ideas.


By Tv.debian

LibOZebra sheet.png

By Lucas Filho



Note: (C) the image is just to ensure that no other company to use the pet if it is not: The Document Foundation.If it is used, the license will be (CC).

By John Baer

Just playing around with some design concepts.

Submission 1

J baer-LibreOfficeLogo 101119.png

This design uses an abstract abbreviation for LibreOffice ( " L O " ) for the logo.

Submission 2

J baer-LibreOfficeLogo 101120.png

This design considers LibreOffice a tool for achieving "office" productivity.

Submission 3

J baer-LibreOfficeLogo 101121.png

This submission was created with the thought of "framing it" to get it right. I was reminded of a movie director using his hands as a frame to visualize the shot.

By Jens Habermann

1. Logo drafts
1.1 Logo draft with the goal of a unique look, without using standard fonts
1.2 Logo with some more effects
1.3 With some organic touch
1.3.3 I really really like the colors and style of Andy - so I merged my logo with his artwork and I think this is the way we should pursue: a very clean style with a unique logo...

1.4 Another draft including desktop icons inside logo ( using only four main apps writer, calc, impress, draw )

By Jonata

Hi there! I sincerely didn't like the artwork that is being used in LibreOffice. So here I want to show you some other proposals I've done. I hope you like.

Here is the logo. Well, I do like the orange of go-oo - I think this is a good color for the software. The font used is the new Gnome default font Cantarell.

Jonata logo lo.png

Here some other (bad) ideas of logo.

Jonata bad lo.png

I love this concept, The logo has a nice stylised L shape, it works at all scales right down to favicon size, it is unique and it tips it's hat to the Document Foundation logo.

I've screwed with it a bit. I had to create an SVG in inkscape out of the PNG so it may not be exactly correct but it's about the idea in any case. I went for an open serif font, Linux Libertine, but then decided to try out Linux Biolinum as well

Jonata logo mod3.png

Graham Lauder 2010-11-14T00:30:36 (CET)

By KolorGuild

Logo and mime icons: The "Libre" part kept reminding me of the word Liberation. So my proposal is based on a bird taking flight with the icon resembling a wing being stretched out. I kept the design simple as with the colours.

LibreOffice Logo Concept1 byKolorGuild.png

By Johannes Bausch

  • Logo2 joey.png

By Nikash Singh

Just some early ideas I wanted to get out. In greyscale to begin with, colours can be added once Identity has been decided. Typeface is mostly Arial but easily replaced with an Open-Source type like Liberation Sans, again, once decided. The proposals attempt to convey various qualities, among them; open/cleanliness, simplicity, sophistication. Many try to adhere to the current "dog-eared-page" logo choice. Designs are numbered if you care to provide specific feedback.

TDF logoProps round01 101117NS page01of02.jpg


2 December 2010, Nik

By Jakub Jankiewicz

This logo concept is in green which symbolizes freedom, and a book which represents office/library. Book is only a quick draft, it can be modified.


By Anna


Evolution of a libo logo design. The last ones are showing a globe of the world embraced by the L and O of LibreOffice.
Fabian 2010-12-22T22:46:00 (CET)

By Fco. Javier M. C.

LibreOffice logo proposals:

LibreOffice logo.png


By Jens Habermann


A very quick and dirty sketch for a mascot. I call him "Septipus" (one tentacle for one app)


libre (happy) people

Symbolized free people are used in many ways, so there is a possibility of a duplicate somewhere.
But it symbolized libre very good and it is created out of three chars > ) ( as connection to office/writing.

libre people

By Emanuel Marcatinco


A sheet of paper on which the aid will also emerge as sheets of paper on your right.

Sapiente mascot by Emanuel A. Marcatinco B..png


By Jens Habermann

Some CMS visual style drafts ( on a personal side I think black is beautiful ;-) )

CMS-visual.png Libre-Web-site-evo.png

By Andy Fitzsimon

AndyFitzsimon ArtworkProposal web.png

CD/DVD Labels

By Fabián Rodríguez

The following is a design for my own purposes, so it is customized:

By Daniel Moretz

CD LabelsLibreOffice CDS Distributor Label.jpg

CD/DVD Splashscreens

Florian Reisinger

Splashscreen-Florian Reisinger-DRAFT.gif