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This page contains a collection of mimetype icon proposals for LibreOffice.

By Andreas_K

App icon is different from mimetype icons which are white with an frame and fit's now better to dark/light toolbars



By Faenza

You can see the theme page of this concept in Gnome-Look:

Faenza icons lo.png

By Shunesburg69

Shunesburg69 LO icons.png

By Jonata

Mime icons

Here are the icons. In the true, I made the icons before the logo. So, I think that they are clean, have good colors and follow the "standard" of OpenOffice document icons.

Jonata icons lo.png

Thanks for your attention. If you want to talk, my e-mail is jbopen at

By Bernhard Dippold

Present work on the "initial branding" icons, that might be replaced when the "community branding" will be established:

LibO icons draft.png

reduced size - look at the full resolution file for the small icon sizes.

Details can be found in the SVG source:

Media:LibO icons draft.svg

Proposal for final LibO icons:

LibreOffice icons draft.png

By Ivan Miskovic

First Draft

Inspired by Elementary Icons, mostly using the initial color scheme.

LibreOffice Mimetype Icon Draft Ivan.png

Addition to complete the first draft set: Impress Icon (Michael Wheatland)


Second Draft

Includes possible reworking of the color scheme

LibreOffice Mimetype Icon Draft2 Ivan.png

By Christoph


By Clio

Icons proposal3.png

Source: File:Icons proposal3.odg

By Jens

simple clean icon draft, highly scalable


By Dave

By dr.Faust

Draft Elementary Style


Draft Eco Style


By Kami

Proposal 1

Logo-libreoffice-writer.png    Logo-libreoffice-calc.png

By Michael Wheatland

Mime icons: Proposal for the LibreOffice Writer program/ODT icon.
Based on the original LibO Unfolded logo using the current colour swatch.

LibO Writer Mockup.jpg

By Sven H.

Shadows in icons maybee optional (perhaps it looks nicer without them?)

Libre icon.png Libre writer.png

Further splashes on my blog

By Dilip

Let us keep it simple and stay with the tradition. It is fun to talk without words :)

Libre O logo idea.png Libre Office MIME Type Icon Colours.png