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    LibreOffice 3.x Release Party


    The release of any community based distro is always cause for celebration. With the looming release of LibreOffice, communities, groups, computer user groups and enterprises often organise small gatherings/parties to celebrate the arrival of the final release of LibreOffice. This is often accompanied and coordinated with local media coverage and blog coverage.

    Release Date:

    • To be announced.
    • *** Note: First release celebrations should also include the 10th community anniversary.***

    New Features (in latest LibO version):

    • To be announced.


    • LibreOffice Press Kit: offical media documents from the LibreOffice Marketing Team
    • formal/informal "LibreOffice master of ceremonies" to read the release communiqué from the LibreOffice organisation
    • have a LibreOffice spokesperson ready for any possible media interview / coordinate with LibO Main Publicity Contact if at all possible in order to maintain branding strategy during interview.
    • camera and video

    Further Ideas:


    • call local media (television; radio; newspaper; LUGs; etc.)
    • promote the event through local free advertising; university/college newspapers; educational partners;
    • if possible, try to find local sponsorship for the party
    • if the party has been sponsored, make arrangements for the recognition of the sponsor at the event and blog(s)
    • bring copies of LibreOffice to the event
    • be prepared to make a list of people who would like copies of LibreOffice (once your DVD's have all been distributed)
    • try to have more than one person qualified to speak about LibreOffice
    • avoid speaking negatively about any competing product and use positive communication when speaking about our community project
    • relax and have fun! It's a great day!


    (Preferably, the party locations should be free or hosted by a generous supporting enterprise. Computer access is essential, internet access is non-essential but preferable.)

    • local bars/taverns
    • Library (Community Room)
    • business setting
    • University/College location
    • Educational location (school board support, parent organisation support)
    • LUG location
    • private household/benefactor
    • Apartment complex (Community Room; Games Room)
    • Church halls


    • use gmap to show location of LibO release day celebrations, identify these with markers and information boxes (to be announced)

    Confirmed Release Day LibO Locations:


    Country Address Date Host Misc.


    (Yes! Let's try to get someone in the Antarctica to send us a photo of a small celebration!)

    Address Weather Date Host Misc.


    Country Address Date Host Misc.
    Israel Tel Aviv, TBD TBD Lior Kaplan
    India TBD, New Delhi TBD Kinshuk Sunil


    State/Territory    Address                  Date             Host              Misc.         



    Country Address Date Host Misc.
      Germany Munich, TBD TBD Florian Effenberger
      France Lille, TBD TBD Antoine Van-Elstraete
      Spain Barcelona, TBD TBD Jesús Corrius

    North America

    Country Address Date Host Misc.
       Tennesse, USA 145 Clearidge Drive, Rockvale TBD Dave Johnson
    USA - New York City New York University? TBD Ben Horst (working with NYU Free Culture?)
    Canada, Waterloo ON TBD TBD Marc Paré

    South America

    Country Address Date Host Misc.

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