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This is a page for listing ideas for Google Code-in tasks in the hope that LibreOffice participates in 2018.

The Google Code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to the many kinds of contributions that make open source software development possible. It lives in the Google Melange platform alongside Google Summer of Code. The contest starts in December and ends in January.


  • Build LibreOffice from source code on your machine
  • Remove copy-paste codes (tdf#39593)
  • Convert manual tests to automated UI tests (tdf#107501)
  • Write a blog post explaining any ten reasons why our clang plug-in might cause a build failure when we upload our code to Jenkins (e.g. unused variables, unnecessary parentheses, redundant cast, etc.)
  • Convert tests to python (tdf#97361, tdf#97362)
  • Include Gerrit link in bibisect log (tdf#84479)
  • Fix accessibility warnings (tdf#119931)


  • HIG fixes of the .ui files
  • Updates of Help according to the recent UI changes.

Quality assurance

  • Triage 5 UNCONFIRMED bugs
  • Triage 15 UNCONFIRMED bugs
  • Test 15 NEW bugs that are over a year old to see, if they can still be reproduced
  • Do a bibisect for a regression or a report marked as [RESOLVED WORKSFORME] (these need to be specified).
  • Grouped 20 bugs using the metabugs