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This is a page for listing ideas for Google Code-in tasks in the hope that LibreOffice participates in 2018.

The Google Code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to the many kinds of contributions that make open source software development possible. The contest starts in December and ends in January.


  • Build LibreOffice from source code on your machine
  • Remove copy-paste codes (tdf#39593)
  • Convert manual tests to automated UI tests (tdf#107501)
  • Write a blog post explaining any ten reasons why our clang plug-in might cause a build failure when we upload our code to Jenkins (e.g. unused variables, unnecessary parentheses, redundant cast, etc.)
  • Convert tests to python (tdf#97361, tdf#97362)
  • Include Gerrit link in bibisect log (tdf#84479)
  • Fix accessibility warnings (tdf#119931)
  • Favour tasks that allow multiple people to work on them


  • HIG fixes of the .ui files
  • Updates of Help according to the recent UI changes.
  • Improve Tip-Of-The-Day (text and illustrations) tdf#127294
  • Design some icons for the Tango theme, eg. tdf#127755

Quality assurance

  • Triage 5 UNCONFIRMED bugs
  • Triage 15 UNCONFIRMED bugs
  • Test 15 NEW bugs that are over a year old to see, if they can still be reproduced
  • Do a bibisect for a regression or a report marked as [RESOLVED WORKSFORME] (these need to be specified).
  • Grouped 20 bugs using the metabugs