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So the typical case is you have work on localization for until the string freeze for 3.3.0 and now you have legacy OOo files in one hand and the LibreOffice only extra strings on the other hand. To go on and have a full localization file set, you need to merge both.

Andras Timar has indicated a full process in his mail here

Andras has also managed to generate pot and sdf files for us, you find them here :

The process you can use from this with the help of the Translate Toolkit:

  • use pocompendium to merge and check all the .po files from OOo and LibO
pocompendium checked.po -d old-ooo libo.po

where checked.po will be your new pocompendium file, old-ooo your legacy OOo files and libo.po your actual LibreOffice localization file.

  • use pomigrate2 to migrate to the new LibreOffice full localization file for 3.3.1
pomigrate2 -F -C checked.po new-libo pot

where checked.po is your pocompendium file, new-libo the directory that will be created and will contain your full localization, and pot is the template.

  • once done, check for the numbers to make sure didn't forget some files:
pocount new-libo

there is a detailed counting by directory, but at the end you get the total which is

UI: 97 458 words in 234 files Help: 436 546 words in 51 files.