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MozTrap is a Test Case Management tool written by the Mozilla QA team. This page documents everything is supposed to be but not yet done by our Moztrap running instance.

Getting Involved

If you are willing to help, that is awesome. In that case of code improvement, please visit the MozTrap project and enjoy hacking!



  • Find a long term solution for test case localization
  • Implement MozTrap UI localization (redmine#596)
  • Done - Find a workaround for test case localization

General TODOs

  • Support OpenID for logging in
  • Language/Platform dependent cases organization etc.
  • Add test case id to the file name of the attachments.
  • Show out tester/creator contribution list

Completed TODOs

  • [DONE] - Currently test creator is not allowed to edit test case created by herself, this seems not reasonable.
  • [DONE] - OpenID supported - django-openid-auth + python-openid could be a nice candidate