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Beluga (talk) 2017-05-06T10:52:04 (UTC)

Sometimes we need special software or hardware to reproduce a bug -- a Specific configuration.

How do we keep track of these bugs?

Ideally, we'd have a mechanism for marking bugs with their particular needs (on the whiteboard, perhaps?) and then do some fancy Bugzilla queries to provide a list of bugs and their needs on a webpage.

Extra-fancy: Email people directly if they have signed-up for a particular configuration

 e.g. Joren says he's able to test Windows and Adobe Acrobat bugs, so anytime
   an Acrobat or Windows-specific bug appears, we send him an email about it

For now, I'll just use this wiki page as a scratch space for categories of bugs.

Categories of configurations

Windows-specific Worries

  • tdf#65343 - Association with Powerpoint files is checked by default

Adobe Acrobat Arrrrrgs

  • tdf#57785 - EDITING: cut and copy from acrobat 9 to libreoffice

Printer Pains

  • tdf#67449 - PRINTING: Printer Settings - Double Sided - Do not stay selected
  • tdf#67463 - LibreOffice 4.0.4 always chooses paper from tray 1 and ignores settings

Netware OpenEnterprise Server Naughtiness

  • tdf#67389 - Other: Save a a Network Drive Netware OpenEnterprise Server with actual Network connector

Foxit PDF Reader Flops

  • tdf#59839 - PDF: PDF export with relative links - (may be Windows-specific)

Mac Maladies

  • tdf#67749 - Other: Fonts which are shipped together with the installation do not appear

Nvidia Nasties

  • tdf#62438 - Graphics corruption on font rendering envolving LibreOffice, NVidia and Compiz

Dual Monitors

  • tdf#90871 - UI: Style Category dropdown in Styles and Formatting Sidebar to open downwards [Windows Vista]