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A lot of time currently is invested into fruitless attempts to get more information required to reproduce the problem from reporter. That should be stopped. Although there are several concerns, we agreed on a bulk close for Bugs with Status NEEDINFO where it seems hopeless to get required answer at QA Call 2012-06-29. this action will be done 2012-07-25

What bugs are affected?

2011-12-23 we had a mass reset to status NEEDINFO for UNCONFIRMED Bugs where information in the report is not sufficient or where simply nobody fond the time to review the report. Concerning intention please see QA/BugHunting Session 3.5.0.-1 and [1]. With the current mass close all Bugs will be closed where we did not have any new comment after 2011-12-23 Excluded are Bugs what have been by very experienced users or by users who only did less than 3 Bug reports. So we hope to reach the goal that only bugs will be closed where it is improbable that we can get more information from user.

Closed inadequately?

If you think that a bug has been closed inadequately because it is still reproducible with a current LibreOffice version? Simply reopen the bug and contribute all information you know how to reproduce the Bug, for details please see BugReport. You should get reaction within few days.

In the following you can find some information concerning the preparations for the mass closes. Might be interesting, but it's not necessary to know if you want to reopen a bug.


Before we can close those bugs some clarifications and decisions will have to be done


A major concern is that we have lots of bugs with NEEDINFO status after the bulk change 2011-12-23. there are many bugs where no additional info was required, but simply nobody from QA found the time to confirm the bug tdf#42023, tdf#41543, tdf#41829, ... . Closing such Bug would be indicated as ignorance by many users.

What are the conditions to close NEEDINFO Bugs


  • we had a new comment after 2011-12-23 (not by reporter) and 2012-03-31 and no response by reporter until NOW
    • Query:

May Be

  • Obscure bug description and not reproducible by other people

What are the conditions to exclude a bug from the Mass Close


  •  ??

May Be

  • Bugs reported by very active, experienced users
  • No comment after 2011-12-23
  • Crash/data loss bugs with full crash log attached


Prosposal Florian R.


How to auto delete NEEDINFO bugs?

It is very important to close every bug with a comment, which contains "BulkNeedinfoClose"

1) So that we can search that string and close all the bugs in that query:

2) The comment should contain "BulkNeedinfoClose" and a explanation why we did that. After some time we should search for bugs we have warned the assingee with that search and close them:

3) The same thing could be done for unconfirmed bugs. They should be set to "NEEDINFO" and in the comment there, again, should be the string "BulkNeedinfoClose". So that it can be closed as well with the searched from number. PS: At this point we should allow the reporter to set the status to "NEW" 2). PS: That is the search for unconfirmed bugs.

These bugs should be changed to NEEDINFO with a text like:

Due to the fact, that your bug has not been reviewed for at lest one year and loads of bugs have been fixed during the last releases: If you can confirm the bug, set the status to "NEW" If the bug seems to be fixed set to "RESOLVED WORKSFORME"