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Dear bug submitter!

Due to the fact, that there are a lot of NEEDINFO Bugs with no answer within the last six months, we close all of these bugs.

If you don't think that this is wrong to your bug, please leave a comment in your bug. I will be in the CC, so that I will review your changes and reopen the bug.

If you are an advanced QA member, feel free to do it yourself or help me and do it for me!

Thanks for understanding and hopefully updating your bug, so that everything is prepared for developers to fix your problem.

Yours! Florian Reisinger

Why we are doing this?

This Closure is done in order to get rid of long time NEEDINFO bugs. The problem of this sort of status is, that they are useless. (Not all of them, to be honest) Due to the fact that I (Florian Reisinger) am in CC of all of these bugs helps us to track changes in all of these bugs.

After this changes all bugs are closed to RESOLVED -> INVALID. If there is an action (but to less information) the bug will be changed to NEEDINFO again and maybe will be a candidate for the next closure in six month ( do to the search I am using). The submitter can bring the information needed at the first time (or later). This will set the state to NEW. If there is no action the bug will stay closed.

This search has only 1 weak point. If there is a discussion, while the bug is in NEEDINFO state for over 6 month, but that won't happen too often.


August 2012

Closed bugs: 899

month year

Closed bugs: xxx