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SF comments

(1) Arguments. In the description of the C argument there is no mention of logical values or values other than 1 or 2.
(2) Arguments, 1st bullet point. Not sure grammar is correct – did you mean “For X and Trials, non-integer values are truncated to integer”.
(3) Arguments, 2nd bullet point. Can you review this please? Firstly, is it simpler to start off by saying that X and Trials should be non-negative numbers (thus ruling out strings, etc)? And then add that X cannot be larger than Trials (after truncation!)?
(4) Arguments, general. I think that some or all arguments can be passed either as values or as references to cells containing those values, and we should probably say this. NOTE: THIS COMMENT MAY BE APPLICABLE TO EARLIER FUNCTIONS IN THE CATEGORY.
(5) Additional details, first bullet. Suggest change “BINOM.DIST” to “the probability mass function”. What is the upper case N in the adjacent equation?
(6) Additional details, second bullet. Insert “the” before “cumulative”.
(7) Additional details, last sentence. Insert “the” after “on” and I do not think that “Binomial” needs an upper case “B”.
(8). Examples, first example. “probabilities” does not need to be plural. Delete “the” from before “5” and delete “number of” after “5”.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-08T19:18:10 (UTC)