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SF comments

(1) Summary. A bit terse. Suggest “Returns a value of the probability density function or the cumulative distribution function for the exponential distribution.”.
(2) Arguments, 1st paragraph. “is the value of the function” does not sound right.
(3) Arguments, 2nd paragraph. Suggest change “the parameter value” to “the rate parameter of the exponential distribution”.
(4) Arguments, 1st bullet point. Suggest delete “the” before “Lambda”.
(5) Arguments, 2nd bullet point. Should “or equal to” be inserted after “less than”?
(6) Arguments, general. Do we need to state that any non-numeric argument will give an error?
(7) Additional details. Suggest change “If Cumulative is FALSE()” to “For the probability density function”. Also suggest change “If Cumulative is TRUE()” to “For the cumulative distribution function”.
(8) Additional details. I would not bother with the integral and the equals sign for the cumulative distribution function (it’s preceded by the word “value”, not “equation”!).
(9) Additional details. Something missing from “Here x is the Number and Lambda”?
(10) Additional details. Suggest change “exponential functions” to “exponential distribution”.
(11) Examples, 1st example. The word “the” should be inserted before “cumulative” and “exponential”.
(12) Examples, 2nd example. The words “by default” appear to be redundant.
(13) Examples, 3rd example. Change “value” to “values”. Should “or equal to” be inserted after “less than”?
(14) Examples, general. No example given for probability distribution function.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-17T16:00:29 (UTC)