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SF comments

(1) Syntax. Update to match help – Cumulative is an optional argument.
(2) Returns. Are there any limits on the value returned – for example, is the result always non-negative?
(3) Arguments, general. Since the arguments are named degreesFreedom1 and degreesFreedom2 in the Syntax section, I would prefer to use exactly those names in this section too.
(4) Arguments, 1st bullet point. Insert “is” before “less than” and “the” before “function”.
(5) Arguments, 2nd bullet point. Insert “a” before “non-integer” and change “their” to “its”.
(6) Arguments, general. Do we need to state that any non-numeric argument will give an error?
(7) Additional details. Suggest change “If Cumulative is FALSE()” to “For the probability density function”. Also suggest change “If Cumulative is TRUE()” to “For the cumulative distribution function”.
(8) Additional details. Please check the two statements that indicate that the function returns 0 for x < 0. I am not convinced that this is true.
(9) Additional details. “Error” does not require an upper case “E”.
(10) Additional details. Should there be a full stop and new paragraph after “otherwise”?
(11) Additional details. Two occurrences of “FDIST returns” are incorrect on this page – should be “F.DIST”.
(12) Examples, 1st example. Insert “the” before both “probability” and “F distribution”.
(13) Examples, 2nd example. Insert “the” before both “cumulative” and “F distribution”.
(14) Related LibreOffice functions. Should FTEST be included?
(15) ODF standard. Does this match the ODF’s FDIST function?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-18T16:03:30 (UTC)