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SF Comments

(1) Summary. Suggest replacing with the following – “Calculates the price per 100 currency units of face (par) value of a security that pays interest once, at maturity”.
(2) Returns. Maybe mention that the result is in currency units.
(3) Arguments, general. Update descriptions for Settlement, Maturity and Basis to match the corresponding arguments for PRICE(). Note that the descriptions for Rate and Yield should NOT be changed to match PRICE().
(4) Arguments, Issue. Change to “Issue is a date or a reference to a cell containing that date which is the original issue date of the security”.
(5) Arguments, Rate. Suggest change “coupon interest rate” to “interest only paid at maturity”. Presumably expressed as either a percentage or a decimal fraction.
(6) Arguments, 2nd bullet. Change to “If any of Issue, Maturity or Settlement is not a valid date then the function returns a value (#VALUE!) error”.
(7) Arguments, 3rd bullet. Insert “the” before “Settlement”. Settlement = Maturity should also give an error.
(8) Arguments, 4th bullet. Delete “or equal to”.
(9) Arguments, 5th bullet. Suggest the following re-word for better grammar – “If Basis is a non-integer value, then the function uses its floor value, i.e. it is truncated to an integer value.”.
(10) Arguments, 6th bullet. I would remove the text in brackets as it does not really add anything.
(11) Additional details. Include the following high-level formula “PRICEMAT = Present value of Redemption Value and Interest – Accrued Interest”. Include a note that here present value is calculated on a non-compounding basis.
(12) Related LibreOffice functions. Has a link to PRICE been omitted intentionally?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-24T20:52:25 (UTC)