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SF comments

(1) Summary. Suggest replacing with “Calculates the two-tailed inverse of the Student's t-distribution. It finds the value of a random variable for which the two-tailed test value for the Student's t-distribution would be equal to a particular probability.”.
(2) Returns. Suggest replacing with “Returns a positive real number which is the inverse of the specified two-tailed test value for the given Student’s t-distribution.”
(3) Arguments, 1st paragraph. I think that Number lies in the range (0, 1) not (0, 1]. Also, change “the probability associated with the two-tailed t-distribution” to “the two-tailed test value for which the inverse is to be calculated”.
(4) Arguments, 2nd paragraph. Insert “Student’s” before “t-distribution”.
(5) Arguments, 1st bullet. Replace with “If Number is less than or equal to 0 or greater than or equal to 1 then the function returns an error value”.
(6) Additional details. Also include reference to TDIST(x, df, 2).
(7) Examples, 1st example. Suggest delete “cumulative”. The reference to T.DIST.2T only has one argument.
(8) Examples, 2nd and 3rd examples. Change “one” to “two”. Also, delete “cumulative”.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-08T09:38:01 (UTC)