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KDE Forums - suggested features to review

There are a bunch of features that I think would be helpful.  The ones
I can think of right now:

* As Marc pointed out, it has the "guided posting" system.  This walks
you through making a new post, to make sure the post ends up in the
proper place and has the necessary information.

* It also has the brainstorm forum, which is an integrated system for
proposing, voting on, discussing, and tracking feature requests.

* It has a keyword tagging system for posts that helps you find what
you are looking for.

* There is a "Solved" button on each post.  The person that solved the
problem clicks the button on the post that had the solution in it,
letting others uses with the same problem jump straight to the
solution right from the topic list or search results (they just click
a checkbox icon).  It also lets people trying to help know that the
thread doesn't need them.

* It has a button on the topic list and search results that lets you
jump straight to the first unread post in a thread.

* It automatically aggregates news from the official KDE news sources,
the KDE website and KDE Dot News, with the ability to comment on them.
 There is also a specific forum just for new releases.

* It has integrated icons for common operating systems (including
Linux distributions) to make it easy to tell at a glance what sort of
system the person you are trying to help has.

* The theme is designed to match the theme used by the rest of the KDE
websites (all official KDE websites use a common theme, including the

* It has flags for countries below each username and language-specific forums.

The forum you referred me to may have some of these, but I did not see
them when I looked.


Wanted to comment on one decision from OOo user services en forum with regards to links to the wiki and a easy to understand faq - these are displayed on ever module is a screen shot of this from the Writer modules page


Do we care that there are so many independent support sites - in the end I would say no, but I would also add that there are reasons people are reluctant for jumping into help build up ever site that pops up.

The independent French language forum moved 3 years ago to the forum site - at some point the original url stopped redirecting to the new, add free - obviously community based site, to the site which inherited the domain.


Do I care - I don't  know, I suppose not..links is links - but I can't find a single link on that site to OO.o, an OO.o forum or anytning close to it - with a few exceptions for a few links in the couple of Tutorial files the site dishes up, all of which came from the original forum located there and put in the public domain, giving them (the site owner) plenty of legal right to keep dishing them up.

Clean Up

This page needs some clean up:

--Kerwyn (talk) 2014-03-28T09:37:49 (UTC)

Hi Kerwyn,
yes, check the page history. I moved the page recently and hadn't the time to update the information. Feel free to help me and remove (or at least mark) the pages. Maybe we should change the list to a table as this might give a better overview.
This is a wiki! You can help (as you obvious know!)
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-03-28T12:26:28 (UTC)
Hello Dennis, I took a look at the history and I see what you mean. I created an example of what I would do with this page, what do you think? I cleaned up a bit and removed some obsolete links. There are too many screenshots at the moment, maybe I should create a table where everything fits nicely? Best regards, --Kerwyn (talk) 2014-03-31T19:20:35 (UTC)
I allready impelemented table styles, what do you think?--Kerwyn (talk) 2014-04-06T10:27:50 (UTC)

LibreOffice Forum seems to be dead

Google search shows some discussion of it closing, and the following the link shows results in a pseudo-redirect that shows the contents of without actually actually directing the browser to the correct url.