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To insert a cross-reference to a heading, figure, or other item shown on the Cross-references tab:

  1. In your document, place the cursor where you want the cross-reference to appear.
  2. If you are cross-referencing to a figure or table, type the word Figure or Table, followed by a space.
  3. Choose Insert ▸ Cross Reference. On the Cross-references tab, in the Type list, click the type of item you are referencing (for example, Heading or Figure).
  4. Click on the required item in the Selection list, which shows both automatically created entries (for example Headings) as well as user-defined references (for example bookmarks).
  5. In the Insert reference to list, choose the type of reference required. The choices vary with the item being referenced.
    • For headings, usually you will choose Reference (to insert the full text of the heading) or Page (to insert the number of the page the heading is on).
    • For figures, choose Numbering (to insert the figure number) or Page (to insert the number of the page the figure is on). We do not use Category and Number, because that causes problems for the translation software.
  6. Click Insert.