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  1. Make a final pass to check page breaks and make any necessary changes. (Use the keep-with-next attribute, not manual page breaks, and/or change the sequence of text and figures.)
  2. Verify that the first item in the first numbered list in the chapter is explicitly set to start at 1 (this is to make sure the chapter works properly when it is included in a compiled book). To do this, right-click on the first list paragraph and choose Bullets and Numbering > Restart numbering.
  3. Update the Table of Contents. Make sure there is no (alphabetic) index at the end of the chapter.
  4. On the copyright page:
    • Make sure the date and the software version are correct.
    • Verify that the correct email address for feedback, and the correct URL for documentation (in the footer), are shown.
    • Make sure the list of contributors is correct, and that any empty rows are removed from the table.
  5. Save the ODT file with the correct file name, using the naming convention for published chapters (see below).
  6. Export the file to PDF, using these settings:
    • On the General tab, select JPEG compression and Export bookmarks.
    • On the Initial View tab, select Page only, Default magnification, and Default page layout.
    • On the User Interface tab, select Display document title (under Window Options) and All bookmark levels. Leave all the other options unselected.
    • On the Links tab, select Default mode under Cross-document Links and leave other options unselected.
    • n the Security tab, make sure that NO passwords are set.
  7. Upload the ODT file to the Published folder for the relevant book on TDF NextCloud. (See details in Chapter 3, Using the Documentation Team Website.)
  8. Tell the Documentation list that you have published the chapter.